Bruce Willis Hits Snooze Button Long Enough To Sign Tubi Original Movie Contract

Every movie fan is familiar with the concept of "Director's Jail," that vaguely defined, mystical place where filmmakers vanish from public view as penance for perceived slights against the sanctity of cinema. That state of limbo is a fairly silly concept (not to mention usually undeserved and disproportionately affecting certain demographics of artists over others), but some performers just make me feel like this idea should exist for actors as well. Where's the equivalent Actor's Jail for big-name celebrities, I ask? You know, the ones who've clearly given up entirely and have settled into a routine of picking up checks for very little effort? Anyway, on an entirely separate and unrelated note altogether: Tubi, of all streaming services, has announced that they've teamed up with Bruce Willis on a film titled "Corrective Measures."

Corrective Measures

Based on a graphic novel, "Corrective Measures" sees Bruce Willis and Michael Rooker leading an ensemble cast as Tubi continues to expand and establish itself as one of the Big Boys in streaming. The sci-fi/action movie will be written, directed, and produced by Sean Patrick O'Reilly ("Howard Lovecraft," "The Kingdom of Madness") and is described as "set in San Tiburon, the world's most dangerous maximum-security penitentiary and home to the world's most treacherous superpowered criminals where tensions among the inmates and staff heighten, leading to anarchy that engulfs the prison and order is turned upside down."

The rather breathless press release certainly paints "Corrective Measures" as a film that Tubi is putting all their eggs in a basket for, with Chief Content Officer Adam Lewinson saying, "We're excited to be harnessing the creative talent of Sean Patrick O'Reilly, Bruce Willis, Michael Rooker and Todd Masters to bring this celebrated comic book series to life. CORRECTIVE MEASURES is a powerfully authentic and captivating sci-fi action film that speaks to our unwavering commitment to provide the Tubi audience with a broad array of compelling original content."

Added O'Reilly:

"CORRECTIVE MEASURES is a project I've been wanting to see come to life from the pages of Arcana's graphic novel series for a long time. Overseeing this project from script to screen has been an incredible journey, and to have my live-action directing debut at this level with so many talented cast and crew is truly a dream come true. Directing, writing and producing CORRECTIVE MEASURES was such an incredible experience and I cannot think of a better partner than FOX and Tubi for Arcana's launch into live action productions."

You can't question the passion of (almost) everyone involved, at least! We'll see if this will prove to be the film that fully wakes Bruce Willis up and helps him remember that he has, in fact, won Emmy and Golden Globe awards in the past. "Corrective Measures" is set for release through Tubi's website in 2022. You can check out the synopsis below.

CORRECTIVE MEASURES takes place at San Tiburon, an Ubermax prison hidden in the Great Northwest, resided by monsters, cyborgs, and supervillains, all equipped with 24-hour power inhibitors and shock-collars. Most notorious among them is Julius "The Lobe" Loeb (Willis), a super genius sitting on an untraceable fortune. Warden Devlin (Rooker) is arguably as corrupt as his charges, with his sole interest in The Lobe's riches, and has been trying to crack The Lobe for years without success. The fragile peace of the prison is thrown into chaos with the arrival of Payback (Dan Payne, "Watchmen"), a murderous vigilante with red intentions on the entire prison community, and Diego Diaz (Brennan Mejia, "Power Rangers"), a driver on a trumped-up sentence. As tensions among the inmates and staff heighten, anarchy engulfs the prison and order is turned upside down. CORRECTIVE MEASURES is the story of an everyman's journey into darkness, as the actions the guards and staff are forced to take at the prison slowly render them no better than the men and women at the prison.