Parks And Recreation Is *Literally* Getting A New Podcast Hosted By Rob Lowe

"Parks and Recreation" came to an end over six years ago, but fans will soon be able to take a fond look back at the time they spent in Pawnee, Indiana.

Rob Lowe, who played the endlessly enthusiastic and freakishly fit Chris Traeger on the NBC comedy series, is teaming up with Emmy-winning producer and writer Alan Yang (who was also the bassist for Mouserat) for a new podcast that will provide an informative and nostalgic look back at "Parks and Recreation." Cleverly titled "Parks and Recollection," Rob Lowe and Alan Yang will go behind the scenes of the series with an impressive array of special guests remembering the incredible work they did on the show for seven seasons. Get a taste of what will be entering your ear holes with the official podcast trailer below.

Parks and Recreation Podcast

Just as Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have pleased "The Office" fans with the "Office Ladies" podcast, and Zach Braff and Donald Faison have enjoyed looking back at "Scrubs" with "Fake Doctors, Real Friends," the new "Parks and Recreation" podcast will have Lowe and Yang hearing from a variety of cast and crew members. In the trailer above, you can hear the likes of Chris Pratt, Ben Schwartz, and Fred Armisen, as well as many of the key talents from various departments on set, such as the prop maker who created DJ Roomba. Surely Amy Poehler will be involved at some point, because she's pretty much the most important part of the show.

Even though Lowe didn't join "Parks and Recreation" until towards the end of the second season of the series, Yang has been in the writers room for every single season of the series, so there will be no shortage of stories from deep behind the scenes. Plus, Lowe already has that podcast momentum going since he's been hosting "Literally! With Rob Lowe," a podcast that references "Parks and Recreation" in its title, but merely features the actor talking to his famous friends and collaborators in an intimate way. It'll be interesting to hear what Lowe has to say about the episodes of the series before he joined the cast with Adam Scott.

Yang says they'll be diving into "Parks and Recreation" episode-by-episode, but it's not clear if that means they'll be chronicling every single episode from all seven seasons for a total of 125 episodes or if they'll be choosing select episodes for coverage. "Office Ladies" has been going through each and every episode of "The Office" in chronological order, so I'm hoping that "Parks and Recreation" is getting the same treatment.

Below is the official synopsis for the "Parks and Recreation" podcast, premiering on September 14, 2021.

Parks and Recreation's Rob Lowe (actor/NFL fan) and Alan Yang (writer/director/Mouse Rat bassist) host the definitive podcast about the making of the beloved comedy series. With special guest appearances by cast and crew, Rob and Alan share their unique, behind-the-scenes insights from in front of the camera and inside the writers' room. It's literally the best Parks and Rec podcast in the world.