James Gunn Reveals One Seemingly Dead Member Of The Suicide Squad Is Still Alive

Part of the charm of the "Suicide Squad" movies (and the comics on which the films are based) is that not every member of Amanda Waller's makeshift groups of prisoners-turned-operatives will survive the missions they're forced to participate in. Writer/director James Gunn's most recent movie, "The Suicide Squad," establishes that dynamic early, opening on Michael Rooker's Savant and implying that he is going to be a significant character in the story, only for Savant and most of his criminal task force to end up dead before the movie's opening credits. But while those supervillain characters are largely portrayed as morons, some of them are a bit more resilient than they appear. James Gunn has revealed that yet another character the audience thought was killed in that opening scene somehow actually survived.

Which Seemingly Dead Character Survived?

That would be TDK, also known as "The Detachable Kid," played by James Gunn's pal and longtime collaborator Nathan Fillion. In the movie, the initial Task Force X team is largely confused by TDK's presence because his skillset is mysterious to them. But once the team rolls up on the beach to face off against the Corto Maltese army, it's quickly established that his superpowers are hilariously ineffective. He detaches his arms from their sockets, sends them flying toward his enemies, and essentially just slaps them around before he's immediately dispatched ... or so we thought.

According to Gunn, who participated in a live-tweet session of the movie on Twitter last night, it is "important to note if you look at the life signals in [Amanda Waller's] Comms hub, TDK isn't dead." Could the fact that his arms were separated from his gunned-down torso somehow explain the mechanics of how that character cheated death? And take note of the specific language here, too: the fact that Gunn says this is "important to note" could be a sneaky way of teasing that Fillion might be back to reprise the role in future movies or DC television projects.

Of course, TDK isn't the only member of that first squad that seemingly died on that beach. The film has a mid-credits scene which reveals that Weasel, the hideous-looking anthropomorphic beast played by actor Sean Gunn, also somehow managed to survive his apparent drowning in the film's opening minutes. The mid-credits scene picks up with Weasel laying motionless on the Corto Maltese beach – but then he suddenly coughs up water, gasps for air, gets up, looks around the empty beach, and then scrambles off into the jungle, never to be seen again. For now, anyway.