The Problem With Jon Stewart Trailer: The Comedian's Old Face Heads To Apple TV+

It's been over six years since Jon Stewart stepped down as the host and executive producer of "The Daily Show" over at Comedy Central. But the comedian is finally returning with his own show over on Apple TV+ this fall.

"The Problem with Jon Stewart" will find the knowledgeable comedian tapping into current affairs yet again, but not in a nightly or even weekly format. Instead, episodes will arrive every other week, providing more of a buffer between episodes than his previous exploits on "The Daily Show." A new teaser has arrived to announce the show's release date and have a little bit of fun at Jon Stewart's expense.

The Problem with Jon Stewart Trailer

The Problem with Jon Stewart has been described as a "one-hour current affairs format show with a single issue explored in each episode." That sounds like it will take a bit of a cue from "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" in taking a more focused approach on a singular subject. However, the former "Daily Show" correspondent's Emmy-winning HBO show only lasts a half-hour and features several smaller segments before the main topic, so Stewart will be digging even deeper into topics that are "part of the national conversation," according to Apple TV+.

In the teaser above, Jon Stewart is shocked to see his own bearded face in the mirror, especially since he's aged a bit since the last time he was regularly on television. Stewart even laments the idea of getting back into a visual medium when he could have done a podcast instead. Funnily enough, "The Problem with Jon Stewart" will also include a companion podcast that will discuss each episode's topic a little bit more.

Apple TV+ has previously explained that "Stewart will be in discussion with the people who are impacted by the issue — as well as those who have a hand in creating the impact. Together, they will discuss tangible steps that can lead to a solutionary path forward." This sounds like a change of pace from the usual satirical news programs, which mock the problems we're having with current affairs but don't often bring solutions to the table. 

Like "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart's new series was intended to have a live, fully-vaccinated studio audience in attendance for tapings, but we're not sure if they followed through on that intention with the Delta variant of COVID-19 creating continuous problems. Hopefully they were able to get a bunch of vaccinated people in the crowd, because shows like this just feel weird without the energy of an audience present.

In addition to hosting, Stewart is executive producing through his Busboy Productions, which has a first-look deal with Apple. Former CBS Evening News producer Brinda Adhikari is set as showrunner, with Chelsea Devantez ("The Opposition with Jordan Klepper") serving as head writer.

"The Problem With Jon Stewart" debuts on Apple TV+ starting on September 30, 2021.