The Office, Friends, Gremlins, And More Funko POP Christmas Ornaments Are On The Way

Hallmark already has an amazing collection of Keepsake Ornaments inspired by your favorite movies and TV shows, but now they're teaming up with Funko for a whole new series of ornaments featuring the ever-growing assembly of Funko POPs collectibles. "The Office," "Friends," "Gremlins," "Ghostbusters," "Harry Potter," "Spider-Man," "The Mandalorian," and many more Funko POPs are being turned into cute little Christmas ornaments to hang from your tree.

Funko POPs Christmas Ornaments

Funko announced their collaboration with Hallmark as part of their Festival of Fun announcements last week. Every single one of the new Funko POPsChristmas ornaments will be exclusively available at Walmart starting this fall, and as you can see, it includes quite the assembly of pop culture characters from film and television.

Honestly, I'm surprised that there are only a few ornaments in this collection that are Christmas-themed. There's Batman in his Scrooge-inspired pajamas and Superman suited up as Santa Claus, and then we have Will Ferrell's "Elf." But the rest of the ornaments are merely miniaturized Funko POPs from each of their respective film and TV collections.

These ornaments will certainly become stocking stuffers and staples of plenty of Christmas trees. But I think the Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments available for all of the franchises in this collection are much better options. However, Hallmark's Keepsake Ornaments are significantly more expensive, and these little guys are just under $9. Even so, Hallmark offers more unique ornaments with personality, and having the actual Funko POPs of these characters is much better. Hopefully the next round of ornaments have more holiday spirit.

Many of the Funko POPs Christmas ornaments are available for pre-order at Walmart's website right now, but you should also keep an eye out in stores this fall.