The Ghostbusters Uniforms Have Special Tubes In Case They Pee Their Pants (Seriously)

I love the original "Ghostbusters," but I have to say that the fandom surrounding the film has grown a little ... weird. Certain people hold the comedy up as some sort of sacred, infallible work of art when really it's the story of a bunch of chain-smoking slobs who crack wise and then get covered in slime. In short: "Ghostbusters" is very, very silly. But you don't have to take my word for it! Listen to one of the creators of "Ghostbusters," Mr. Dan Aykroyd, who says that the little yellow tubes hanging off the Ghostbuster suits are there so the Ghostbusters can piss themselves when they get scared by ghosts. 

Pee Busters!

I've seen the original "Ghostbusters" countless times, and while I always noticed the little yellow tube that's hanging off the Ghostbuster suits, I never gave them much thought. I suppose I just assumed the tubes were attached to the Proton Packs, or the traps, or something along those lines. But yesterday I noticed a Twitter user posted a screenshot of text written by Dan Aykroyd in which Aykroyd mentions the yellow tubes are, in fact, meant to help the Ghostbuster when they pee their pants from fear. The text comes from "Ghostbusters The Ultimate Visual History," which has an introduction penned by Aykroyd. He writes there that "the clear plastic hoses on the jumpsuits" are "for incontinence due to fear." 

That's right: the Ghostbusters have taken precautions in case they see a spook, specter, or ghost so scary that it makes them wet their pants. This is a genuinely funny detail, and it underscores how unapologetically goofy the original "Ghostbusters" was, and still is. In other words: please stop taking "Ghostbuster" so seriously — it's about guys who pee themselves.

Will The Pee Tubes Return For Ghostbusters: Afterlife?

Of course, with all this in mind, the next logical question is: will "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" keep the pee tubes? The movie just screened for folks at CinemaCon, and the reactions were overwhelmingly positive — with many saying they were moved to tears by what they witnessed. Perhaps they were crying with joy because the pee tubes have returned. "Finally, a 'Ghostbusters' movie that understands the importance of peeing your pants!" is what I'm imagining someone saying. All that said, if "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" doesn't bring back the pee tubes, Jason Reitman better watch his back because the fan outrage will be overwhelming.