Mayim Bialik Will Fill In As Daytime 'Jeopardy!' Host After Mike Richards Departure

The Jeopardy! drama continues. After Mike Richards' exit as the host of the beloved quiz show, Mayim Bialik — who was hired to host Jeopardy! specials — will fill in.

Sony Pictures Television has tapped Mayim Bialik to move over from only hosting spin-offs and specials to hosting the OG show. Bialik had recently been named as co-host with Richards before several controversies, including allegations of sexual harassment, forced the executive producer to step down.

According to Deadline, Bialik will be a temporary host. She's currently scheduled to host 15 episodes over the next three weeks as Sony resumes its permanent host search. After those three weeks, Sony has suggested that other guest hosts may pop up as they continue to look for someone who isn't an executive producer of the show to take on the role.

Why Haven't They Hired LeVar Burton Yet?

When the show announced that its executive producer, Mike Richards, would take over Alex Trebek's mantle as host of the show, many on the internet went, "Huh?" That confusion soon turned to outrage as details about Richards actions surfaced, including a history of harassment and discrimination.

The outrage finally caught the attention of Sony Pictures Television, and Richards formally removed himself from the host spot, though he'll continue to stay on as executive producer. The search process is now ostensibly open again, though again the internet doesn't understand why.

Much of the internet (and the /Film staff, including myself) thinks it's clear who should be the next host of Jeopardy! I'm talking of course about Geordi La Forge himself, LeVar Burton. Will Sony Pictures Television get its act together and make the correct and obvious choice? /Film hopes so, but if that isn't enough, take Ryan Reynolds' word on it:

I can't help but wonder why Sony appears to be starting the search again from scratch. Several guest hosts auditioned for the role already. In addition to Burton, Buzzy CohenBill Whittaker, and many others took on guest host responsibilities. Perhaps they need to do more testing, or maybe Richards, who still likely has control in the decision process, doesn't think Burton (or any of the others) will give them the rating numbers they need.

Whatever the reason, Sony Pictures Television has apparently decided that it needs more time to think before they realize that the internet has spoken and Jeopardy! and LeVar Burton were meant to be. In the meantime, we'll have Bialik hosting the program as the drama continues.

The 38th season of Jeopardy! premieres on September 13, 2021.