More 'Behind The Attraction' Episodes Coming To Disney+ Next Week, Watch A New Clip

Disney+ continues to roll out the behind-the-scenes looks at their most iconic theme park hot spots in their show Behind the Attraction. Currently, there are 5 episodes up on Disney+ and we have a new batch getting ready to debut starting next week.

This series is like crack for Disney Parks fans. The company has always been very protective of its theme park secrets, wanting to preserve the magic and keep the immersive illusion going strong.

In fact, there was one time when I was covering Disney's big convention, D23, and they bussed some blogger types from the convention center to Disneyland to watch some preview footage of one of their movies. It was screening at the Magic Eye Theater, next to Space Mountain, which is where Captain Eo ran back in the day, and they brought us into the park through the cast member entrance.

When I wrote about my experience, I mentioned this and briefly described what it was like back there. I immediately got an email from Disney's publicist asking me to remove that single paragraph from the story.

They're not kidding around with this stuff, so that's why Behind the Attraction is such a wonderful thing for us Disney Park nerds and I'm beyond excited that they're continuing the series.

Castles, Trains, and Creepy Child Dolls

Behind the Attraction front-loaded their series with some heavy hitters, including my personal favorite attraction: The Haunted Mansion. Also available are detailed looks at the creation and execution of Star Tours, Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, and The Jungle Cruise.

Starting August 25th we have five new episodes, starting with The Castles. The Mouse House was kind enough to offer up a short trailer on that episode, which you can check out here:

The episode will feature looks at the various castles that act as the lynchpin for all Disney Parks around the world, how they were designed, and what they mean for each park.

Also on the docket for this next batch of episodes are Trains, Trams and Monorails, the Disneyland Hotel, and two more attractions: It's A Small World (prepare for that damned song to get stuck in your head after that episode) and The Hall of Presidents.

I'm particularly interested in The Hall of Presidents because so much goes into that one. They get each new president to record a speech to be included along with the animatronic likeness and that process has got to be wild. It's now a tradition if you win the White House. Super Bowl winners go to Disney World and presidential election winners are immortalized there.

This series could go on for years, especially if they dive back into attractions that no longer exist. As much as I'd love to see an hour on Pirates of the Caribbean (and I'm sure it's coming), I'd be even more psyched to see some deep-dives into extinct rides that are currently lost to time.

For now, I'll just sit back and eagerly anticipate all the new behind-the-scenes details coming next week.