Jennifer Hudson Thinks History Will Be Kind To 'Cats'

Just when you thought you were safe, we've got more news about Cats, that nightmare-inducing CGI monstrosity that hit theaters in 2019.

Despite the legendary flop the movie has become, the film was full of wonderful actors, including Jennifer Hudson. In an interview to promote her upcoming movie, Respect, Hudson also shared her take on what Cats' legacy will be.

Jennifer Hudson — The Performer So Kind She Says Cats is 'Misunderstood'

Perhaps you've left memories of the Cats all alone in the moonlight and forever out of your brain. If so, I recommend you check out the trailer again, like I did, and relive the whacked-out visuals and disturbing butthole-less cat costumes CGI-ed over everyone.

Did you take a gander? If so, I'm sorry if your dreams tonight are full of horny humanoid felines coughing up furballs.

Am I being a bit mean about Cats? Undoubtedly. You know who's the opposite of mean, however? Jennifer Hudson.

In an interview with Total Film she warmly responded when asked about her thoughts on the movie. "I loved that you asked about Cats!" she said in the interviewer asked her about the film. "You know what? I think it was a bit overwhelming. It's unfortunate that it was misunderstood. I think later down the line, people will see it differently. But it is something I am still very proud of and grateful to have been a part of. Yeah, I got to be Grizabella the Glamour Cat!"

Hudson's rendition of arguably Cats' most famous song – "Memory" — is indeed something she should be proud of. Hudson is a phenomenal singer, and the Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway show the movie is based on is popular for a reason. Even Hudson's talents (and Judi Dench's, and Idris Elba's) couldn't save Tom Hooper's adaptation.

Other Actors’ Reactions to Cats

Hudson is also kinder than other creatives tied to the Cats feature film. Dench described her cat look in the movie to resemble "five foxes f**king on my back," and Cats creator Webber is on record saying he hates James Corden's performance of Bustopher Jones.

Hudson, on the other hand, says she enjoyed the experience so much she got two cats of her own. One is even named after Elba's character, Macavity. "They are the best thing I've ever had," she said. "I love them so much."

One can't help but admire Hudson's positivity. One also can't help but wonder if she ever saw the final movie or if she — like Dench and Corden have admitted — have never seen the final cut of the movie. Either way, I think we can all learn something from Hudson about finding the silver lining in any situation. I bet her cats are great, and I'm glad the movie got her two furry feline companions.

Cats is currently streaming on Cinemax.