'We Need To Do Something': Release Date, Cast And More

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The weird, off-the-wall horror movie We Need to Do Something is headed our way soon, and you absolutely need to go out of your way to see it. So I've rounded up some important info you need to know before checking the film out. Or to convince you to see it. Either one.

We Need to Do Something Release Date and Where You Can Watch It

We Need to Do Something will arrive in theaters, on digital, and on VOD on September 3, 2021. While many movies are screaming that they'll be available in "theaters only," I'm glad the fine folks at IFC understand the need to make things available digitally right now as well. Kudos.

What is We Need to Do Something?

We Need to Do Something is a horror film based on the book by Max Booth III. In the book, "A family on the verge of self-destruction finds themselves isolated in their bathroom during a tornado warning." That is a deliberately vague synopsis because this is one of those stories where the less you know, the more effective things are.

We Need to Do Something Synopsis

Here's the We Need to Do Something synopsis:

After Melissa and her family seek shelter from a storm, they become trapped. With no sign of rescue, hours turn to days and Melissa comes to realize that she and her girlfriend Amy might have something to do with the horrors that threaten to tear her family – and the entire world – apart.

A little more detailed than the book synopsis, but still a bit vague. Having seen We Need to Do Something, I can tell you that there are plenty of surprises in store, and the film gets more and more unhinged as it unfolds.

We Need to Do Something Director, Crew, and More

Sean King O'Grady is the We Need to Do Something director, while book writer Max Booth III penned the script. Bill Stertz, John Malerman, Ryan Lewis and Peter Block are the producers, while Lauren Hantz, John Hantz, Donovan Leitch, Katherine Waddell, and Max Booth III are executive producers. Co-executive producers include Sierra Mccormick, Vinessa Shaw, and Pat Healy. William Hawkins Finn handles the musical score, with cinematography by Jean-Philippe Bernier.

We Need to Do Something Cast

We Need to Do Something stars Sierra McCormick, Vinessa Shaw, Pat Healy, John James Cronin, and Lisette Alexis.

We Need to Do Something Trailer