Cool Stuff: 'Aliens' Nerf Pulse Blaster Lets You Annoy Xenomorphs With Non-Lethal Foam Darts

The 35th anniversary of Aliens is coming up. Looking for a way to celebrate? I suppose you could rewatch the movie. Know what could be better, though? Rewatching the movie and shooting foam darts at the screen every time a Xenomorph shows up.

Don't have a Nerf gun handy? The folks at Hasbro have you covered — they've come out with the Nerf LMTD Aliens M41A Pulse blaster.

Not Your Typical Nerf Blaster

Hasbro went all out to make a gun that shoots foam darts seem as badass as possible. Even the packaging (shown above) includes details inspired by the equipment of the United States Colonial Marine Corps.

Xenomorphs are tough cookies. Don't worry though, I'm sure any creature that eats humans for breakfast would think twice when faced with a blaster that shoots not one but two different kinds of darts! You can fast-blast the creatures with up to 10 elite darts at a time, for example, or you can launch a Nerf Mega dart via pump-action blasting. That will keep those Xenomorphs on their claws as they try to figure out which spongy projectiles you'll be sending their way!

The Nerf blaster also has a fancy LCD counter that lets you know how many darts are left in the clip. That's right, the Nerf LMTD Aliens M41A Pulse blaster comes with its own removable and reloadable clip! All you have to do is keep an eye on that counter to know when it's time to pause the movie and scrounge around your living room for the darts your dog didn't manage to chew to shreds the second they hit the floor.

The blaster comes with 10 Elite foam darts and 4 Nerf Mega foam darts. That's not very many, so you'll likely have to reload a lot depending on how trigger-happy you are. You'll also have to supply four of your own .5v C alkaline batteries, as those aren't included.

Hasbro also recommends you wear protective eyewear when wielding your blaster. They don't want to get sued after all, and even foam can cause some damage if you're really, really unlucky.

Sadly, you can't immediately get this Nerf blaster as they're set to sell on October 1, 2022 (yup, over a year from now). You can preorder one, however, at GameStop and HasbroPulse. The Aliens-inspired foam dart-propelling mechanism also costs $94.99. You read that right, for $94.99, you can shoot foam darts and pretend there are Xenomorphs all around you. And that, I suppose, is priceless.