'The Great' Season 2: Release Date, Cast And More

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Revolution is nigh! The Greatest ruler of them all is returning to claim her throne, and she'll take down anyone — her own husband included — who stands in her way! If you loved bingeing The Great as much as you should've, you'll be overjoyed about its return. Here's everything you need to get ready for season 2.

The Great Season 2 Release Date and Where You Can Watch It

The Great season 2 comes exclusively to Hulu on November 19, 2021. Like season 1, expect 10 hour-long episodes. Filming for this season began back in November of 2020, but endured its fair share of delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Production concluded recently, in July of 2021, just in time for the November release date.

What is The Great?

Loosely based on Catherine The Great, Empress of Russia's rise to power, The Great first premiered back in March of 2020. Hulu's comedy-drama takes a satirical and very fictional look at the life of Russia's longest-reigning female ruler. The first season focused on Catherine's marriage to Emperor Peter III and her treacherous plot to murder her husband and rule in his place.

The Great immediately proved both clever and hilarious, unsurprising given it comes from The Favourite co-writer Tony McNamara. In season 2, Russia's newest matriarch is out for revenge against her husband for capturing her lover, but that's just extra motivation for what she always planned to accomplish: seizing control of Russia to rule with the brainpower that her brute husband sorely lacks.

The Great Season 2 Cast

Elle Fanning stars as the titular ruler, Catherine The Great, who we slowly watch evolve from naivete to scheming usurper. Nicholas Hoult is Peter the III of Russia, somehow balancing his endless charm with his character's casual cruelty and general buffoonery. Phoebe Fox is disgraced aristocrat Marial, and Sacha Dhawan is one of Catherine's first allies, Lord Orlo. Sebastian De Souza plays the handsome Leo, Catherine's first love.The Great also stars Charity Wakefield, Gwilym Lee, Adam Godley, Douglas Hodge, Belinda Bromilow, Richard Pyros, and Bayo Gbadamosi.

The Great Season 2 Director, Crew, and More

The Great is based on a play by series creator, Tony McNamara. Since the play's premiere in 2008, McNamara considered a film adaptation but found the story was too sprawling for just two hours. Telling the saga as a series better served the story, so McNamara penned the pilot and several episodes throughout the season, with help from Tess Morris, James Wood, Gretel Vella, and Amelia Roper. The pilot was directed by Matt Shakman (Game of Thrones), Colin Bucksey (Fargo, Breaking Bad), Geeta Patel (Meet the Patels), Ben Chessel (Sucker), and directing duo Bert & Bertie (the upcoming Hawkeye series).

McNamara executive produces the series with star Elle Fanning, as well as Marian Macgowan, Brittany Kahan Ward, Doug Mankoff, Andrew Spaulding, Josh Kesselman, Ron West, and Matt Shakman.

The Great Season 2 Trailer

Hulu hasn't unveiled a full trailer yet, but we get a glimpse of the upcoming season in this brief date announcement. Check it out below!