Cool Stuff: A New Wave Of Delightful 'WALL-E' Funko POPs Are Blasting Off And Sharing Sunsets This Fall

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Pixar's delightful WALL-E has already been given the Funko POP treatment a couple times before. But now the titular garbage robot and his shiny companion EVE will have even more collectible vinyl figures for fans to add to the collectible shelf.

Coming this fall, WALL-E and EVE will have some of their most memorable moments recreated in Funko POP form, from their wonderful dance in deep space to their lovely sunset date, which inadvertently makes for a delightful Christmas decoration. Plus, they're not the only robots from the Pixar movie with a new Funko POP figure. See all the new WALL-E Funko POPs below.

New WALL-E Funko POPs

First up, WALL-E and EVE take the spotlight with two new individual Funko POPs and a fantastic movie moment. WALL-E is blasting off in a plume of fire extinguishing powder while EVE is soaring through space. Then the two robots come together in the scene where WALL-E tries to share a romantic moment with EVE, even though she's shut down and waiting to be retrieved by the AXIOM rescue shuttle. The Christmas lights wrapped around EVE will make this a nice holiday decoration.

Meanwhile, the AXIOM clean-up robot BURN-E, who got his own animated short, gets two new Funko POP figures. One features him with his normal clean-up expression, and the rare Chase variant shows him looking increasingly angry as he continues to find foreign contaminants all over the AXIOM. He's certainly going to have a hard time cleaning up if all that dirt is coming from the jumbo-sized Funko POP of WALL-E.

These are all available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and Amazon right now.

New WALL-E Funko POPs

Then we have the new WALL-E Funko POPs that are exclusive to different retailers. The first is a two-pack featuring WALL-E as he shows a light bulb to EVE, which she inadvertently lights up, confusing the trash-compacting robot for a little bit. Target has the exclusive on that, and it's available for pre-order right now.

Then there's a solar-charging WALL-E who will be part of the Specialty Series, which means it'll only be available at comic book shops and specialty toy boutiques. You can also take your chances on getting a hold of WALL-E with a trash can lid that he uses to recreate a song and dance number from the classic holiday musical Hello Dolly. That one will only be available from the Funko Shop at a later date.