'Clickbait' Trailer: You Won't Believe What This New Netflix Series Is About!

Adrian Grenier has played his fair share of unlikable men. The internet long ago decided that he was indeed the villain of The Devil Wears Prada, as the selfish boyfriend who only knows how to make a grilled cheese and loathes the world of fashion. In Entourage, Vincent Chase is far from a saint, given he's an actor and known womanizer. But neither of those compare to Grenier's upcoming role in Clickbait, as a man that allegedly abuses women.

This new thrilling Netflix series presents a mystery: is Grenier's Nick Brewer the caring husband he appeared to be? Is he an abusive monster? Or will people just believe everything they read on the internet?

Decide for yourself — check out the trailer for Clickbait below.

Clickbait Trailer

Early in the trailer, Grenier's Nick Brewer is revealed to be a missing man whose wife Sophie (Betty Gabriel) and sister Pia (Zoe Kazan) are searching to bring him home. Despite not knowing where to find him, Nick is never completely out of their sight. The abductor behind his kidnapping wants all eyes on their captive, made obvious by the live stream they broadcast to the entire world.

For everyone to see, Nick appears on camera holding a sign that reads, "I abuse women. At 5 million views, I die."

Unfortunately for Nick, clickbait has a way of finding its way to people. While his sister continues to defend his name, the general public and even his wife express their doubts. Is Nick even worth saving? The very police officers tasked with saving the man, prod at his wife's memory of his, asking "has Nick ever been violent?" In a matter of flashbacks, we learn that he's more complicated than his sister cares to admit — and maybe more dangerous than his wife realized.

Everything about Clickbait screams edgy, from the crashing dramatic music to the moral complexities of its story. The series is sure to lean into that tension, prodding at the way social media can be used to bury and reveal our deepest secrets.

Maybe it's just the character name, but something about the Clickbait trailer brings Gone Girl to mind. Both submerge relationship drama beneath a twisted mystery and allow their characters to be revealed slowly over time. And much like Ben Affleck's Gone Girl character, Nick's life may come down to public opinion.

Clickbait also stars Phoenix Raei, Elizabeth Alexander, Abraham Lim, Jessie Collins, Ian Meadows, Steve Mouzakis, and Daniel Henshall.Clickbait premieres on Netflix on August 25, 2021.