'Free Guy' Posters Re-Create Your Favorite Video Game Covers With Ryan Reynolds

Free Guy is coming to theaters this weekend, bringing us a new open-world video game where Ryan Reynolds stars as a non-playable character who might end up being the only one who can save his universe from being destroyed by the game's creator. Since the real world of video games had a major influence on the story, a new batch of posters for Free Guy recreates the covers of some of your favorite video games of today and yesterday, from Super Mario 64 to Animal Crossing and more. Check them out below.

Free Guy Video Game Posters

First, let's dig into the more classic video games. The oldest one recreates the cover of Mega Man (upper left), but unfortunately, it's probably one of the lesser creations, with Ryan Reynolds looking rather odd with poorly Photoshopped proportions. The rest are considerably better, with Reynolds turned into a Super Mario 64-style character, getting into a little brawl inspired by Street Fighter II, and taking on a horde of bad guys in Doom-inspired artwork.

For the more modern gamers, we've got posters inspired by Animal Crossing, giving us another cute video game version of Ryan Reynolds. Then we get the boxy style of Minecraft and a very simple poster for Among Us.  But the best is certainly Grand Theft Auto, taking a cue from the Vice City sequel. It's all too appropriate since Grand Theft Auto served as the greatest inspiration for the video game at the center of Free Guy.

Don't forget, Free Guy arrives this weekend, but it's only playing in theaters and won't have a streaming or VOD release (at least not immediately).