Timo Tjahjanto's Mysterious Project With Scott Derrickson And Robert Cargill Is A "Christmas Story" Titled 'The Handover'

2018's The Night Comes For Us almost seems like the perfect example of a movie that bridges the genre gap between "horror" and "action," serving up plentiful gore and spectacular deaths with an intensity that would make many a horror filmmaker jealous. In that light, it perhaps wasn't much of a surprise at all to see writer/director Timo Tjahjanto take yet another big step into the horror scene by joining filmmakers Scott Derrickson and Robert C. Cargill on their next movie. Now, we know a little more about that movie's setting as well as the title.

Bloody Disgusting provides a few interesting nuggets of information about the project. Specific details on the plot remain sparse, but the film now has an official title, The Handover, and it's also being described as "a Christmas story." Timo Tjahjanto himself took to Instagram to confirm the news and also to express his excitement over working with a storytelling duo that he's long admired, calling filmmaking "an act of magical (& violent) wonder."

Check out his social media post below, which he captioned: "2012: Blown away by how creepy & unsettling Sinister is. To this day Still uses that opening scene to scare unsuspecting family members away. 2021: Creative jamming session with the masterminds behind it."

Of course, Tjahjanto is referencing Derrickson and Cargill's previous collaboration on 2012's Sinister, which he's clearly a fan of and likely makes it even more thrilling for him to join their latest project this time around almost a decade later. This marks Derrickson and Cargill's sixth time working on a film together, the most recent of which was for Doctor Strange. The filmmaking team helped bring a trippy, horror-adjacent blend to the Marvel superhero before parting ways with the studio over creative differences with the sequel. In a neat twist, fellow horror acolyte and fan-favorite director Sam Raimi will take over the reins.

We previously reported on the news about the exciting team-up between Derrickson, Cargill, and Tjahjanto, which featured Tjahjanto sharing another picture of the script on Instagram along with the opening title card:

"Society is screwed. Crime and violence have risen steadily in all remaining regions of Planet Earth.

Most of Asia has been unified."

Tjahjanto previously described the film as "Ultra violent, ultra absurd, ultra over the top & ultra heartwarming." With these three talents officially on board, we're inclined to believe the hype. No release date has been set at such an early juncture, but we'll bring you more updates as they come in.