'A.P. Bio' Season 4 Trailer: Hurricanes, Cults, And Bruce Campbell

The new season of A.P. Bio is just about ready to hit streaming services and we finally got our first look at what's in store for our favorite band of advance placement misfits. As you can see, top of the list is the appearance of the one, the only Mr. Bruce Campbell.

The new season premieres on Peacock next month, September 2nd to be exact, and will drop all eight episodes at once in the traditional streaming binge model. Here's the trailer that hints at some of the hijinks everyone gets up to this season and gives us our first good look at Bruce Campbell on the show. Check it out:

Campbell will be playing Jack Griffin's (Glenn Howerton) dad who I'm sure is a stand-up guy and is in no way an untrustworthy huckster.

A.P. Bio is a great show and it was a huge relief when Peacock stepped up and added it to their streaming platform after NBC canned it. I know it's all in the same Universal family, but still. The show is thriving on the service and remains a great vehicle for its entire cast, especially my personal favorites Patton Oswalt as the gullible, but kind-hearted Principal Durbin, Paula Pell as the principal's quasi-looney tunes assistant Helen and Allisyn Snyder as Heather, the borderline psychotic nerd with the thickest glasses this side of Milton from Office Space.A.P. Bio definitely scratches that Community itch for me and I can't wait to see how the absurd cult angle plays out...or why Mr. Griffin is covered in blood, for that matter.

Enter: The Chin

We all know and love Bruce Campbell as the smarmy Ashley J. Williams from the Evil Dead movies and his casting as Mr. Griffin's father is chef's kiss gif worthy. Howerton plays Griffin as the kind of guy you root for even though he's kind of a scumbag, which is a tone Campbell has hit so often in his work. Perfect casting.

I'm very curious to see how Campbell's chemistry works with that cast. Assuming this is a special guest spot and we'll only see him for an episode or two, I'm hoping the showrunners gave him some time with a few key players. I figure Heather's gonna have some fairly inappropriate things to say to Mr. Griffin's dad and I'd love to see him bully Principal Durbin. Patton Oswalt and Bruce Campbell riffing off each other? C'mon!

A.P. Bio season 4 premieres on Peacock on September 2.