'The Great' Season 2 Trailer: Elle Fanning And Nicholas Hoult Engage In The Battle Of The Sexes (And Of Sex)

Huzzah! The season 2 premiere date announcement for Hulu's historical comedy The Great is here. Things were pretty chaotic when we left the rebellious Empress Catherine (Elle Fanning), but The Great season 2 premiere date trailer shows that last season's madness was just the beginning.

The Great Season 2 Trailer

Last we saw Catherine and her cruel, spoiled husband Peter III (Nicholas Hoult), she had just successfully pulled off a coup attempt to depose him. Along the way, she tragically lost her lover Leo (Sebastian De Souza) and was betrayed by her closest friend, her maid Marial (Phoebe Fox). Now she must try to rule Russia on her own, and Peter is still around to raise hell. Apparently the two are at literal war with one another, with others killing each other in the name of their chosen leader of Russia.

Their battles, both verbal and physical, seem to be the focus of the coming season. Peter encourages his wife to give up, explaining that if she does, they can have sex. Her reply? "I would rather choke to death on this tiny chicken." Ouch. That has to sting a little, even for a guy as brutal as Peter.

We also see Catherine at various stages of pregnancy, a possibility that was hinted at the end of the first season. She's waging war against her husband, all while carrying his child. She wants to stop the bloodshed, but Peter is characteristically nonchalant.

"I mean that's the difference between us, Empress, I don't mind the bloodshed," he says. There's sure to be plenty of it, if the short scenes in this trailer are any indication.

What Can We Expect in The Great Season 2?

The premiere date trailer gives us a chance to see how everyone is faring since the coup. We see Marial stalking down a hallway with a big knife, looking furious. Lord Orlo (Sacha Dhawan) is alive and as well as he can be for a sweet-natured intellectual in a bloodthirsty court. Also, oddly, Peter's BFF Grigor (Gwilym Lee) is still sticking by his side for some reason, even though he tried to poison the Emperor last season.

On top of seeing all of our old favorites returning, we also get a quick glimpse of Catherine's mother, played by Gillian Anderson. We see her slowly falling to one side, eyes glazed, so something foul is afoot. There's also lots of drinking, glass smashing, and a small explosion. Huzzah!

The Great season 2 will premiere November 19, 2021, only on Hulu.