Every Major Character Death In 'The Suicide Squad' Ranked By Nastiness

James Gunn's The Suicide Squad has finally arrived, in a gloriously violent whirlwind of fun. Between all the gushing blood, rapid-fire gunshots, and very creative death sequences, one of the film's most standout elements was Gunn's approach to violence.

Even if you're more familiar with his sentimental, comic-book movie years, Gunn has found ways to push boundaries even in kid-appropriate, PG-13 playgrounds. You might remember Guardians of the Galaxy bringing home the gold when it earned the title of the deadliest movie ever, with over 83,000 on-screen deaths. Take that mentality, give it an R-rating and what do we get? Action that's occasionally very hard to look at, but all the more fun for it.

So what better way to celebrate the intense and very explicit action than to compile a list of its nastiest moments? Welcome to the very official ranking of every major character death in The Suicide Squad! If you're looking for a wholesome Suicide Squad ranking, you've come to the wrong place.

Major spoilers for The Suicide Squad ahead.

13. Weasel (Sean Gunn)

Unfortunately, this isn't actually a death — but we'll allow it because, for a brief, glorious moment, it seemed like we would never have to look this deranged creature in the eye again. He is by far the nastiest thing about The Suicide Squad, and watching him hobble away at the end made me shudder. It's sincerely a shame that the ocean couldn't rid the world of this monstrous cryptid, but if we cross our fingers hard enough, he'll disappear into the forest, never to be seen again.

12. T.D.K. (Nathan Fillion)

Much like Weasel, The Detachable Kid is inherently nasty: his limbs come apart from his body like a possessed Ken doll. But it's still pretty rough to watch him writhing on the ground while his detached limbs are torn apart by machine guns. You really start to feel bad for him, but also — what was he even doing here? Sure, his limbs detach, which is technically a superpower but honestly, it's more of a horrific party trick. They weren't even armored.

The more I think about T.D.K., the more it seems like one of Waller's assistants really needed some extra cash, and threw him in as extra betting fodder. Not that it makes much sense, because who would ever bet in his favor? Anyway, watching him spit up blood was gross, making his death moderately nasty but mostly just inevitable.

11. Javelin (Flula Borg)

Time to settle the age-old debate: javelin vs. machine guns. It's even briefer than you'd expect. The bullets cut right through yet another unarmored member of the squad, proving that their deaths were a given and diversions are important.

10. Milton (Julio Ruiz)

RIP True Love. Milton's body may have been riddled with bullets, but it will always be surrounded by Polka-Dot Man's love. There's nothing nastier than killing romance right before it has the chance to bloom... except for these nine other deaths.

9. Mongal (Mayling Ng)

Mongal seemed cool, shame about the whole burning alive thing. It just goes to show that you should probably think before crashing a helicopter. Mongal earns a higher spot than her other red shirts because we heard her screams as she tried to escape the fire's slow torture. And at the end, when the camera swoops past her body, I think I saw some skeleton under her singed hair.

8. Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney)

Captain Boomerang was not long for this world, which was a real shame. On the bright side, he went out in fairly epic fashion: an entire helicopter explosion was dedicated to ending his life. He seemed pretty far gone even before it swept his body along in its fiery blaze, given all the shrapnel piercing his face. Harley (Margot Robbie) shouted out a little heads up but our boomerang wielding villain never had a chance.

7. Silvio Luna (Juan Diego Botto)

Luna's death was hardly nasty, just very drawn out. His blood pooled all over the very nice mansion floors and may have even stained Harley's dress, but it was worth her beautiful speech. Luna made a solid effort to survive, what with his slow crawl across the floor, but his very quickly gushing blood solidified his fate. Even though Harley was behind the trigger, this death is fully on him: "I plan to torture children" is more of a second-date conversation.

6. Col. Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman)

Death by ceramic stab wound is certainly unique, but not necessarily gruesome. So naturally, the nastiness was intensified by showing us Flag's literal beating heart, pierced by the jagged tile. Watching the blood pump out of someone's organ really makes their death feel real, huh? Rick Flag deserved better than Peacemaker's (John Cena) underhanded tactics.

5. Polka-Dot Man (David Dastmalchian)

How incredibly nasty of James Gunn to make me fall in love with a man, only to steal him away at the last second.

All things considered, this death isn't especially graphic, but it's pretty crushing given he just declared himself a superhero. All that's left of our beloved Polka-Dot Man now is a smear on some wreckage in the middle of Corto Maltese. Between all the star-possessed corpses littering the street, our hero will probably just be scrubbed away into anonymity.

4. Savant (Michael Rooker)

Savant would not be a fan of James Gunn's filmography, it's much too violent for him.

Sadly, someone had to be made an example. Fear will not be tolerated in The Suicide Squad, not if it comes at the cost of the mission. Savant's head was already exploding metaphorically from seeing most of his team killed off, so Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) took it upon herself to finish the job. The bomb detonated and took Savant down instantly, in the most explosive and bloody way possible. However difficult to look at, Savant's death was also poetic: he did a very bad thing to a bird, so the universe is just setting things right by making him bird food.

3. Blackguard (Pete Davidson)

Props to Blackguard for kickstarting the trend of gruesome deaths. He lasted a mere 9 minutes but still placed pretty high on this list. And it's for very good reason — we saw the inside of his face. Blackguard is one of the first signals that these won't be your typical comic book movie action scenes. When bullets rip through these characters, not only will there be blood, but the tattered remains of their flesh. Remember to bring the kids!

2. The Thinker (Peter Capaldi)

Speaking of kids, I'm showing this scene to my children and telling them it's Doctor Who.

JK, that would probably scar them for life. The Thinker is absolutely wrecked by Starro, pulled in opposing directions by his mini tentacles until his limbs break away from his body. And is that enough payback for 30 years of torture? Of course not! He's then smashed against a wall, thrown with so much force that his body seems to dissolve upon impact.

1. Starro the Conqueror

The #1 spot was a struggle. On one hand, Starro being a giant kaiju monster made his death pretty bearable because it meant no smoking flesh or gory blood splatter. But on the other hand.... rats plunged into his eye and ate him from the inside. Ew.

Eye gore is a serious no-go for me and other than his tentacles, Starro is just a giant eye. Harley really puts Javelin's namesake to good use, by piercing directly in the alien conqueror and jumping in for a disgusting dip in his eye fluid. Worst of all, her mouth is open for most of this scene, meaning we can't stop thinking about what exactly she's swallowing. Still, this is Harley we're talking about, and it's almost beautiful to see her floating around in there. Until you remember the rats gnawing away at his fleshy starfish eye socket.