DC Films President Says James Gunn Is "Always Welcome Back"

Looks like James Gunn is not done with DC quite yet. We know the writer/director is going back to Marvel to finish out his Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, but according to DC Films President Walter Hamada, there's a future at DC if Gunn wants it.

Specifically he told The Hollywood Reporter that "Gunn is always welcome back, whatever he wants to do. He really has a vision and he's a great partner with us. Whenever he wants to come back we're ready for him."

The interesting part is that Hamada added a cheeky "He'll be back. We have more stuff planned."

I'm assuming that is beyond The Suicide Squad spin-off show Peacemaker, which Gunn just wrapped for HBO Max. As you can guess from the title, that show will focus on John Cena's Peacemaker, a ridiculous but deadly anti-hero... anti-villain? Anti-something.

In all the press Gunn has done for the movie, it's clear he had the time of his life making The Suicide Squad and it seems like Hamada had a good working relationship with Gunn on the exec side, something that isn't always guaranteed, especially in the DC Extended Universe.

What DC Property Could Gunn Seek Out Down the Line?

That's the question. He has dropped some coy teases about being interested in another Suicide Squad character spin-off, but my money would be on something out of left field. That seems to be what Gunn is attracted to, characters out of the mainstream that he can really sink his teeth into. You saw that with Guardians and this weekend you'll see that in which DC characters he chose to include in this film.

So, I doubt we'll get James Gunn's Superman is what I'm saying.

That said, no matter what he does, it's us, the audience, that wins. Gunn's strength as a writer and director is how he injects his unfiltered passion into what he's doing. The last thing we want is him taking "a job" making something he's not passionate about. We want him to be exploding with giddy energy to share some insane vision with us. That's when we get the full force of his creative powers and with Hamada's words it sure sounds like whatever is next will be in that vein.

The Suicide Squad hits theaters August 6, 2021.