Disney Reveals Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Prices, And It's Going To Cost You A Lot Of Credits

It's been a busy week for Disney theme-park fans, first with the announcement of Disneyland's new Annual Pass...er, Magic Key program yesterday. And now, Walt Disney World is lifting the veil, ever so slightly, on the upcoming Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser experience, with a glimpse into how the two-day experience may work for guests. Oh, and we now have an idea of exactly how much money it's going to cost you when the experience goes live in the spring of 2022.Today, Walt Disney World provided some helpful information to anyone out there who's been champing at the bit to indulge in a hotel experience so immersive that you're really not meant to leave for two days to enjoy the theme parks surrounding said hotel. Just like an actual cruise ship, the purpose of your stay on the Halcyon starcruiser is to spend two days...well, on the Halcyon starcruiser. During this experience, you can take part in droid racing competitions, enjoy meals with live performances, get trained in how to use a lightsaber, and even travel to Batuu (AKA spend a few hours in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge). 

It's Going to Cost You a (Wampa) Arm and a Leg

"Ah yes," you're thinking, "but exactly how many vital organs will I need to donate to cover the cost of this experience?" To be fair, some of you reading may have enough cash on hand that a two-day sojourn on the Halcyon is but a drop in the bucket. (Elon Musk, I know you're reading this. Don't lie!) The announced prices range from $4,809 to $5,999, and that's if you're visiting on certain weekdays, which no doubt means that the prices are far more exorbitant if you're visiting on the weekends or during higher-traffic times of year. The good news is that your entry into Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park is part of the overall cost of the experience.Two things come to mind upon seeing these details, at least for this writer. The first is that, as much as I like the Star Wars films (at least the original trilogy, Force Awakens, and The Last Jedi), I don't like them enough to be excited about a two-day immersive experience in a Star Wars world while the rest of the Disney theme parks are beckoning right outside the walls. The money's an issue – as it likely is for most people, who'll have to scrimp and save thousands for just two days in one section of one theme park – but even if it wasn't, there'd be something holding me back.The other comes down to money. Six thousand dollars for two nights in one part of one theme park just reminds me of the stealth-best scene in Jurassic Park, in which a group of adults first debate the ethical ramifications of cloning dinosaurs in the modern age, until one of them – "a blood-sucking lawyer" – salivates at the thought of charging people thousands of dollars for just one day at Jurassic Park. Disney CEO Bob Chapek and company sure seem like they never learned the lesson of that scene, since it's the blood-sucking lawyer who gets eaten first.