'Love And Monsters' Star Dylan O'Brien Joins Zoey Deutch In Social Media Satire 'Not Okay'

In the past few years, Dylan O'Brien has gone from werewolf's best friend in Teen Wolf to monster hunter in Love and Monsters. It looks like all that sci-fi action is taking its toll because O'Brien is taking a break from the world of mythical creatures to star in the upcoming satire comedy Not Okay.

Variety reports that O'Brien is joining the cast of Not Okay alongside star Zoey Deutch. Not too much is known about the film yet, but based on the premise, it seems to be a pretty monster-free zone — apart from the everyday horrors of humanity.

Previously, O'Brien spent 6 years starring on the MTV drama Teen Wolf, where he garnered a thriving fanbase, who followed him to another YA property, The Maze Runner. He rose to greater fame with the franchise, and later starred as the voice of Bumblebee in the Transformers spinoff film of the same name. He most recently lead the post-apocalyptic sci-fi comedy Love & Monsters, where he starred as a survivor crossing a monster-infested America.

His co-star Zoey Deutch, the lead of Not Okay, has also dabbled in the world of Young Adult. She starred in Beautiful Creatures, Vampire Academy, and Before I Fall, all films based on YA novels. She's since appeared in The Disaster Artist and the Zombieland sequel Double Tap.

In addition to Not Okay, Deutch and O'Brien will co-star in another film, Graham Moore's crime drama The Outfit, about a tailor making clothes for a vicious group of gangsters. The two films sound very tonally different, so it should be fun to see the two stars dabble in new territory.

What Exactly Is Not Okay?

The film follows Zoey Deutch's character, a young woman desperate for friends, fame, and followers. In an effort to change her life and blow up online, she fakes a trip to Paris via her social media accounts, but things escalate when harsh reality collides with her fantasy. After a horrifying incident occurs and becomes part of her "trip," she finds herself with the attention she craved at a dark moral cost.

The film comes from writer-director Quinn Shephard, whose directorial debut Blame was a festival darling, receiving several nominations and one win at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.

Also starring in the film is Mia Isaac (Amazon's upcoming Don't Make Me Go), Embeth Davidtz (Old) and Nadia Alexander (Servant), Tia Dionne Hodge (Where's The Loves), Negin Farsad (3rd Street Blackout), Karan Soni (Deadpool) and newcomer Dash Perry.

Not too much more is known about the film, but set photos from earlier this week did provide us a brief sneak peek at what's to come. The photos (which you can see here) show Deutch's character posing for her social media posts, showing off some fashionably fun outfits and her best Instagram poses. It doesn't hint at whatever dramatic event will alter her plans, but it looks like the film is making clever use of its social media-based premise.