Sharon Stone Is The Latest Actor To Insist On Vaccinated Sets

More and more big-name actors are speaking out and adding their voices in support of vaccinated film sets, even as the industry tries to get things back to normal amid still-prevalent Covid cases and the added complication of the highly-infectious Delta variant. Sharon Stone is the latest star to vocally insist that film and television sets mandate vaccinations for all workers.

While promoting her candidacy as a SAG-AFTRA board member, Deadline reports that the iconic movie star has firsthand, personal experience in how the pandemic has affected her insurance — not to mention those of actors far less established as herself. In her own words:

" actors, you know, things have not been going well for us. I don't think you need me to tell you that. I mean, I lost my vested insurance after 43 years in the business because of Covid. I was $13 short and, you know, I don't really think that that is reasonable for any of us when we go through a global pandemic, to lose decades worth of our insurance or to lose all of the things that we need when we're trying to put food on the table, we're trying to keep our homes, and we're trying to feed our kids, families."

For important context, the trustees in charge of the union's health plan made eligibility far more stringent as of January 1 2020, which resulted in a lawsuit alleging the board of illegal age discrimination. Stone, who is currently 63 years old, is right at the age range of those who are most at risk of the virus and is currently campaigning for a seat on the board to enact some much-needed changes.

Stone goes even further and mentions more disturbing details regarding current filming plans for various productions, adding that a role she was recently offered is now at risk if she continues to insist that no work commence unless everyone is vaccinated.

"I've been offered a job — a good job, a job I really want to do in Atlanta. That's why my hair is standing on end ... because the Producers Guild of America will not guarantee that everyone on our show is vaccinated before I go to work."

"Will I go to work before everyone on my show is vaccinated? No. No, I won't," she added. "Am I being threatened that I will lose my job? Yes. Yes I am. Will I lose my job if everyone is not vaccinated on my show? Yes. Yes I could. Will I stand up for all of us so that every set that we go on is vaccinated? Yes. Yes, I will. Why? Because that's ridiculous ... that we should have to go to work where we are not safe to work."

Sharon Stone's Track Record

This comes on the heels of actor Sean Penn voicing his own strong opinions on the same topic, going so far as to refuse to return to the set of limited series Gaslit until all cast and crew are vaccinated (which he has also offered to assist with through his non-profit organization). Stone, for her part, alludes to her long history of charity work in raising funds for AIDS research as proof of her seriousness in dealing with the threat of Covid.

In matters that aren't health-related, it's also worth mentioning that the actress wielded her significant influence in the past with the film The Quick and the Dead, fighting the studio to hire director Sam Raimi and even paying for a young Leonardo DiCaprio's salary out of her own pocket. Sharon Stone has impressively backed up her sentiments with action in speaking out against powerful institutions, and this seems like more of the same.