'The Prince' Trailer: HBO Max's Royal Animated Comedy From The Team Behind 'Family Guy'

At one point or another, each of us has wondered about the royal family. How does the monarchy work? What are the perks? And what does a royal playdate consist of? A new HBO Max series has arrived to answer all of our questions in the silliest way possible.

The animated comedy, The Prince, centers on the lives of a fictionalized version of the royal family, all told through the eyes of the young Prince George. Gary Janetti, the voice behind Charles and a writer on Family Guy, is also the series writer and creator. When he's not gracefully chugging gallons of it, George is spilling all the tea on the royal family. And based on our first look at the series, it's piping hot.

You can watch the trailer for The Prince below.

The Prince Trailer

The Prince certainly isn't the first fictionalized telling of the royal family's lives. The Crown has been winning Netflix awards for years, but it isn't exactly scratching anyone's comedy itch. That must've been the driving motivation for the creation of this new series, which puts comedy first and relentlessly pokes fun at the British monarchs.

Based on the trailer, Prince George will lead the pack, giving us insight into the family's everyday lives. It's obviously quite busy — George himself declares that he works harder than anyone else. Pay no attention to the butler attending to his every whim, the trials and tribulations of being a prince are surely intense.

The series is openly courting trouble — no one is safe from its biting comedy and needling parody. If that wasn't clear from the premise of the show poking fun at the royal children, the trailer proves how far they're willing to go by journeying overseas to follow a fictional version of Meghan Markle (Condola Rashad) and her husband, Prince Harry (Orlando Bloom).

The Crown is glossy and somewhat sympathetic to its characters and still catches flak for its portrayal of the royals, so backlash is surely on the horizon for The Prince. But on a subject like the royal family, that element of taboo is a big selling point for the show. The jokes are too easy to make and impossible to resist, and given the past few years, there's plenty of boiling tension to use as fuel.

Spilling the Royal Tea

The best news of all, if you're excited about this satirical take on the royal family, there's no need to wait. All 12 episodes are already streaming on HBO Max! The trailer dropped just hours before the complete release, a clever way for HBO to capitalize on the buzz that surely followed. But this was also due to the show's initial delay. The Prince was originally planned for a spring release earlier this year, but the death of Prince Phillip led HBO to hold off.

The Prince also stars Lucy Punch as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Frances de la Tour as Queen Elizabeth II, Iwan Rheon as Prince William, Sophie Turner as Princess Charlotte, Dan Stevens as both Prince Charles and Prince Philip, and Alan Cumming.The Prince is now streaming on HBO Max.