'Cooking With Paris' Trailer: Yes, This Is Exactly What You Think It Is

Sometimes the world throws curveballs. Other times, things perfectly meet your expectations. Today, Netflix is delivering on the latter and proving that even the things we most expect can be a delightful surprise.

The first trailer for Paris Hilton's new series, Cooking With Paris definitely isn't trying to shock us. It's proving that the show will be exactly what we assumed... which, honestly, sounds pretty fun.

Check out the trailer for Cooking With Paris below.

Playing With Fire

A world-class chef once said, "anyone can cook." He was an animated rat, cooking gourmet meals against all odds, so he really knew what he was talking about. Unfortunately, that "anyone" doesn't apply to everyone, as the guest stars of Cooking With Paris are clearly learning for themselves.

The hotel heiress and Simple Life alum hasn't earned her Michelin stars yet and from what we see of her cooking, probably won't be allowed in a professional kitchen for many years to come. Fortunately for us, she has her own! And there are no laws stopping her from inviting a camera crew and celebrity superstars over for a homecooked meal.

Hilton is spending six episodes in her kitchen trying to impress famous friends with her skills, all while decked out in elaborate outfits that, hopefully, aren't flammable. But also, who cares! At best, the outfits are fashionable fun, with an occasional feather floating into the food and at worst, they cause a brief evacuation from the Hilton family home. All of these options make for excellent television, so who are we to complain?

The diamond-studded spatial Hilton shows off says it all. This show will be exactly as promised — indulgent celebrity nonsense, with glitzy outfits, a small poodle, and plenty of personalities. Among the stars joining Hilton in the kitchen are Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian West, Nikki Glaser, Saweetie, and Lele Pons.They all have the immense pleasure of watching Hilton cook a dish that they have to taste, and we get the joy of watching them find out if it's actually edible.

Paris Hilton must be a massive Ratatouille fan herself, because she ends the trailer with her own twist on the classic quote mentioned above, saying, "any b– can cook." She may not know how to zest a lemon or be able to pick tongs out of a utensil lineup, but she certainly knows how to have fun.

Cooking With Paris hits Netflix on August 4, when all six episodes will be available to stream.