'Everybody Hates Chris' Animated Reboot In The Works At CBS

The never-ending list of reboots and adaptations has gotten its next big addition — Everybody Hates Chris is returning to our screens, with a major change.

The autobiographical family sitcom is being transformed into an animated series. The original show took viewers through key moments in comedian Chris Rock's life and childhood, when the world seemed to be conspiring against him. The animated series is set to follow pretty closely in those footsteps. Along with its premise, this iteration will bring Rock back to narrate and executive produce.

Deadline reports that Rock will be joined by Sanjay Shah, who will serve as writer and executive producer on the series. Shah is currently co-showrunner on Central Park, the well-liked Apple TV+ animated musical series. His previous credits are perfectly tailored for this upcoming project, with a mix of both sitcoms and animated comedies, including Fresh Off The Boat, Cougar Town, King of the Hill, and South Park.

This isn't the first animated take on a live-action property to come from CBS Studios, which recently created two animated Star Trek series, including last year's Star Trek: Lower Decks and the upcoming Star Trek: Prodigy. The studio also turned to animation for the fourth season of its live-action comedy No Activity.

What to Expect

The nostalgia train is getting pretty crowded, but I'm happy to jump on board for this project. The original series, created by Rock and Ali LeRoi, managed to take all the best parts of Rock's comedy style and fit them into a 30-minute sitcom format. If history repeats itself, we'll have another show willing to push the boundaries of comedy and social commentary, promising moving insight and constant laughter. Rock's continued involvement is key; his narration was such a comedic staple of the series and knowing his voice will be listened to behind the scenes is crucial.

Everybody Hates Chris followed a fictional, teenage version of Rock growing up in a colorful community of really specific, hilarious characters, including his penny-pinching father, manipulative sister, handsome younger brother, and intimidating mother. The original cast consisted of Tyler James Williams, Terry Crews, Tichina Arnold, Tequan Richmond, and Imani Hakim.

While this is not expected to be a continuation of the original series, it's hard not to wonder if fans will finally receive closure on the series finale. Everybody Hates Chris famously ended on a cliffhanger that paid homage to The Sopranos and left fans wanting for more. Even if the ending isn't paid off, at least there's something new on the way.

Everybody Hates Chris is currently streaming across several platforms, including Hulu, Peacock, and Paramount+. While there's no service confirmed for the reboot, Paramount+ will likely be its home since CBS is producing the show.