Where You Can Stream Or Buy Every Studio Ghibli Movie

Not too long ago, streaming a Studio Ghibli film was impossible. Wide availability wasn't on the horizon, leaving fans with two options: buying the DVDs or revisiting the films in theaters when they'd return to North America for GKIDS and Fathom Events' Ghibli Fest. But that changed in 2020 when Studio Ghibli's entire collection was acquired for streaming by HBO Max.

Now, lucky for us, all 21 works of Studio Ghibli are available to stream or buy.

Where Do I Start?

If somehow, you've never seen a Studio Ghibli film, you have a lot to look forward to. The studio is heralded for its immense artistry and lush animation, so prepare to be swept up into another world. The question is which one should you journey to first?

You have a couple of options: you can start with Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece, Spirited Away. Or you could go back to the beginning and start with Miyazaki's first Studio Ghibli film, Castle in the Sky. My personal recommendation would be Howls Moving Castle mostly because it was my first. It also gives you a perfect foray into the themes and visuals that recur throughout Miyazaki's career, and Ghibli's stunning approach to animation.

Honestly, you can't go wrong!

Unless you start with Earwig and the Witch, which might throw you for a loop. It's the latest entry from the studio's first full 3D CGI film.

It may be tempting to binge them all at once now that they're accessible and you know where to find them, but you might find that harder than you think. Ghibli's films know just the heartstrings and memories to tug at. It'll be hard to rush along to the next film with that lump in your throat, but best of luck trying if that's your goal.

Where To Stream

As mentioned, all 21 Studio Ghibli titles are available to stream on HBO Max. You can either watch them in their original Japanese with subtitles or try their English dubs, which are also excellent and feature stellar casts. The full list of films is available below:

Castle in the SkyMy Neighbor TotoroKiki's Delivery ServiceOnly YesterdayPorco RossoOcean WavesPom PokoWhisper of the HeartPrincess MononokeMy Neighbors The YamadasSpirited AwayThe Cat ReturnsHowls Moving CastleTales from EarthseaPonyoArriettyFrom Up on Poppy HillThe Wind RisesThe Tale of the Princess KaguyaWhen Marnie Was ThereEarwig and the Witch

Where to Buy

Along with their recent streaming deals, Ghibli made digital purchases possible in 2019. The films can be individually purchased on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Apple, Google Play, or YouTube.