'Chapelwaite' Red Band Trailer: Adrien Brody Leads A Grisly Stephen King Series

Get ready to sink your teeth into Chapelwaite, a new EPIX series based on the Stephen King short story "Jerusalem's Lot." Even if you've never read that story you can probably see a connection to another King work – the vampire novel Salem's Lot. Sure enough, "Jerusalem's Lot" is a prequel to Salem's Lot, and now here comes Chapelwaite, which takes considerable liberties with the source material while still remaining firmly within King's world. And now there's a bloody new Chapelwaite red band trailer waiting for you below.

Chapelwaite Red Band Trailer

In Chapelwaite, we head back to the 1850s and meet "Captain Charles Boone (Adrien Brody), who relocates his family of three children to his ancestral home in the small, seemingly sleepy town of Preacher's Corners, Maine after his wife dies?at sea.?However,?Charles? will soon have to?confront the secrets of?his family's sordid history,?and fight to end the darkness that has plagued the Boones for generations."

In Preacher's Corners, Boone and his children meet Rebecca Morgan (Emily Hampshire), "an ambitious young woman who left Preacher's Corners to attend Mount Holyoke College, and has returned home with an advance to write a story for the new and prestigious Atlantic Magazine. Her writer's block lifts when Boone arrives in town with his children, and despite her mother's protests, Rebecca applies to be governess of the infamous Chapelwaite manor and the Boone family in order to write about them. In doing so, Rebecca will not only craft the next great gothic novel, she'll unravel a mystery that has plagued her own family for years."

Loaded with spooky atmosphere, the show is bound to appeal to those who thirst for gothic-style horrors like Crimson Peak. Look for Chapelwaite on EPIX on August 22, 2021.

Chapelwaite Premiere Date

Jerusalem's Lot

First published in Stephen King's 1978 collection Night Shift, "Jerusalem's Lot" is an Edgar Allan Poe Meets H.P. Lovecraft tale of terror that I've always enjoyed. And if you've read the story you'll notice this trailer looks a lot different from the source material. In King's story, Charles Boone has no children. He moves to Chapelwaite with his manservant, Calvin McCann, and quickly finds a town full of superstitious people.

He also learns about an abandoned town called Jerusalem's Lot – the same town that would one day serve as the setting for King's novel Salem's Lot. King's story is big on gothic tropes and slow-burn mystery, and most of the scary stuff happens off-page. That obviously won't fly for a TV series, so Chaplewaite creators and writers Jason Filardi and Peter Filardi have added some new details. Whether or not those details pan out for the better remains to be seen. But fans of King's work, and ornate old timey horrors are bound to find things they enjoy here, trust me on that.