Cool Stuff: 'Bad Robot' Action Figure Brings J.J. Abrams' Company Mascot To Your Desk

Want to spend $100 to get an action figure of a production company's logo? You're in luck! J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot company now has an official Bad Robot figurine.

Mattel Creations is putting out the adorable little corporate logo. According to the

pre-order website

, the Bad but oh-so-cute premium action figure has 24 (that's right, 24!) points of articulation and is of diecast and plastic construction with a premium finish.

But wait, there's more! According to Mattel, the lil' scamp of a robot comes in at 7.25 inches tall and is "fully equipped with the latest in robot technology."

Bad Robot Isn’t Just Any Old Robot

That cutting-edge technology isn't just 24 points of articulation. You can also take off the back of the Bad Robot's head and poke around at whatever "inner workings" you find there. Mattel does not share, however, how the Robot would feel about this.

The packaging for Bad Robot is also something collectors and/or J.J. Abrams fans may enjoy. The box's designers used vintage comic mail-in advertisements as inspiration. Various panels on the box depict Bad Robot as a friendly neighborhood robot who's great with kids. It also boasts that Bad Robot can do up to 108 (!) functions, one of which I assume is letting its owner fiddle around with the insides of its head.

Corporate Logos: The Toy Wave of the Future?

Bad Robot is a very cute little logo, but a logo nonetheless. Is the future of toys paved with corporate logo figurines that cost three figures? Perhaps. Or, more likely, perhaps not. There just aren't that many cute logos out there. Pixar's lamp, yes. And maybe Jordan Peele's Monkeypaw Productions can put out a cute plushie of a severed monkey hand?

(This also makes me wonder: who would win in a production company mascot showdown? The answer, of course, is MGM's lion.)

All that being said, I wouldn't be upset if someone gave me this cute lil' Bad Robot action figure. It appears well-made, and it's hard to discount those 24 points of articulation. That's at least 20 more than my R2-D2 one, and there's room for another robot figurine on my bookshelf.

We see lil' Bad Robot running through an open field whenever a J.J. Abrams production shows up on my TV, which given Abrams' breadth — Alias, Fringe, Westworld, his Star Trek movies, 10 Cloverfield Lane — happens fairly often. I hope this one doesn't feel regret that it's stuck inside while its doppelgänger runs free. At least it would have my R2-D2 toy to keep it company.

You can pre-order up to three of the Bad Robot action figures now, with delivery expected on or before February 15, 2022.