'Titane,' Palme D'Or Winner And One Of The Craziest Movies Of 2021, Will Arrive In October

Titane, the latest oddity from Raw director Julia Ducournau, finally has a release date. The film, which just won the Palme D'or at the Cannes International Film Festival, will be making its way to theaters this October, and we can't wait. Distributor Neon is keeping a lot details of the film secret, probably because they want to shock and surprise audiences, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that.

What is Titane? 

Surely, if the trailer isn't enough, the official Titane synopsis will tell us what this movie is. Let's have a look:

TITANE: A metal highly resistant to heat and corrosion, with high tensile strength alloys, often used in medical prostheses due to its pronounced biocompatibility.

Oh...okay, never mind. That tells us nothing. Reviewing the film out of Cannes for /Film, Jason Gorber wrote:

Take a dash of Miike and Refn, a whole heap of Cronenberg and, above all, Ducournau's uniquely acidic vision, and you have a unique cinematic alloy that does far more than rely upon shock and horror. It's a film that's at its best when things matter and you're empathizing even during moments of total butchery. It's never easy to inject humanity into inhumane acts, yet Titane, like the metal, manages to do something remarkably strong in a compact form. The film does excess without being excessive, drawing us into Alexia and Vincent's tumultuous world and finding that the deepest connections are based on the lies we choose to share.

Well, that sounds amazing, and I want to see this right now. Unfortunately, I can't! But I can tell you when I, and you, can see it. And I will. Right...now.

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Titane Release Date

Today, Neon made it official: Titane will arrive in theaters on October 1. On one hand, I realize that that's not that far away – we're almost into August, after all. On another hand, I want to watch Titane immediately, so waiting until October is going to be a little difficult. But I'll soldier through it, and if I can do it, you can do it, reader.

When asked how she came up with the idea for Titane, director Julia Duccournau told Deadline:

"I was in post-production with Raw, and when I spend so much time with a film, I, personally, need to think of other stories, because otherwise, I go crazy. And I was reflecting on Raw and I was a bit frustrated with the fact that I didn't tackle the topic of love as directly as I wanted to at that moment. So I wanted to put love at the center of my next film, that's one thing that I knew."