PlayStation 5 Owners Get Access To 6 Months Of Apple TV+ For Free

If you're one of the lucky gamers out there who already emptied out your wallet for a PlayStation 5, you can now get a little bonus from Apple TV+ for your trouble. All PlayStation 5 owners can receive six months of Apple TV+ for free. So if you've been holding out on watching the inspirational Ted Lasso, the animated musical Central Park, the outstanding documentary Boys State, or the Oscar-nominated animated feature Wolfwalkers, now is your time.

The PlayStation 5 free Apple TV+ subscription offer will be available to redeem through July 22, 2022 (via Sony). That gives you an entire year to track down a PlayStation 5 if you don't have one already. In order to get your free six month subscription, you just have to provide your PlayStation Network account name and an Apple ID. Even though the offer is free, you must also have a payment method on file, because once the trial offer ends, the subscription will renew at $4.99 per month.

In order to redeem the offer, just download and open the Apple TV+ app on your PlayStation 5, follow the on-screen instructions, sign in with your Apple ID, and you'll be ready to enjoy all the Apple original movies and TV shows that everyone has been talking about. No longer will you be the subject of ridicule at your office water cooler discussions. You will never again feel the pain of someone exclaiming, "You haven't seen The Snoopy Show?! How are you this much of a frickin' dingus?! Hey everyone, we got a big ole dingus over here who hasn't seen The Snoopy Show!"

Apple TV+ is Giving Away All the Subscriptions

Apple TV+ must still be struggling to get new subscribers. This latest attempt comes along with their offer of a full year of Apple TV+ with the purchase of a new Apple device. The streaming service has a lot of big names delivering quality content, but the size of their library still leaves a lot to be desired for people to pick up yet another streaming subscription. Even the initial free offer with Apple products wasn't taken advantage of to anywhere near its full potential.

Thankfully, Apple isn't relying only on streaming subscriptions to stay afloat, which means they can take their time beefing up their library of original movies and TV shows without taking a quick dive like Quibi (which ended up being more successful when their original movies and TV shows were turned into Roku Originals).

Even though Apple TV+ is still in the process of growing their library, there are some great offerings to make this PlayStation 5 free Apple TV+ subscription offer worth your time.