'Deadly Class' Star Benedict Wong Misses The Show – And Wants To Continue The Story In A Movie

Deadly Class should've lived longer. The gruesome action show, which was produced by the Russo Brothers, lasted only a single season on Syfy. The adaptation of Rick Remender and Wesley Craig's comic book series had plenty of style and an ensemble of actors who deserved more than 10 episodes.

Actor Benedict Wong, too, wishes the story could and would continue. Even as a movie.

Like You, Benedict Wong Misses Deadly Class

Set in San Francisco during the '80s punk scene, the series wore its influences on its sleeve. It was The Breakfast Club with killers. There was even a standout episode in which the students are in detention, and instead of running and hiding from a principal, they're outrunning assassins.

Wong played Master Lin, the headmaster of a private school for promising young executioners. The actor, who now stars in the exceptional fantasy film Nine Days, brought real charm and power to the authority figure. Imagine an R-rated Dumbledore with a blade instead of a wand. Master Lin's storyline, in addition to the story at large, concluded without resolution due to the cancelation.

The season finale was a fun yet grueling bloodbath. However, as an unplanned series finale, it was frustrating. For Wong and the cast, it was heartbreaking. "Lots of great memories about that show," Wong said:

"Lots of heartaches. The Nielsen report, I mean, we've not driven by that. It was tough. I think if we were on a streamer, we would've still been doing it. I mourn for that particular ensemble of cast. All of those kids were amazing. Amazing. You know, I was the grandad of the piece, but seeing this John Hughes-like brat pack, I thought, fuck. Okay, we'll see where they go, but I think they'll all do amazing. It's just a shame we can't have them all together at the same time. They were brilliant together, so it was really sad. Yeah, we'll see. We'll see what happens."

A Deadly Class Movie?

Wong knows what he wants to see happen, though. "I'd like to make a feature film or something of Deadly Class," Wong added. "I think that'd be cool." It'd also be cool to see Wong reunite with actor and former Black Flag frontman, Henry Rollins. He played a compassionate professor who threw punches with Wong. "To fight the king of the mosh pit, it's one of those bucket lists notched," Wong said with a laugh. "He's a great guy. It's so great to go toe-to-toe with him in a fantastical way. Incredible anecdotes [Laughs]. Again, I'm slightly heartbroken I can't hang out with him as well. I think that'd be a cool feature film, getting all the teachers from Deadly Class together to do a mission."

A part of what's especially appealing about that idea is Wong reuniting with Olivia Cheng, who played the Headmistress at the King's Dominion, Madam Gao. The Marco Polo stars were two towering forces in a room together in the Syfy series, and a joy to watch. Presently, Cheng is crushing it in one of the most entertaining dramas around, HBO Max's Warrior. 

Although the Syfy series didn't perform well in the ratings, it's still finding its audience. Wong is correct Deadly Class likely would've succeeded on a streaming platform given how well it's done on Netflix overseas. In Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Turkey, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand, the show cracked Netflix's top 10.

Deadly Class is easy to binge. It's nasty and mean yet often fun and sweet, like a YA show with fangs. Nowadays, Wong is just pleased punk kids of the '80s and their kids connect with it. "I'm from Generation X, so all that particular music from the '80s was [for me]," Wong said:

"I've been to a few Comic-Con signings. I'll see a dad and his teenage kid coming up with their Deadly Class photo or something. It's really heartwarming when you see the dad explaining to his kid, 'That was me.' They're represented, so now they're properly seen. I don't think anyone has visualized it as well as Deadly Class."

Deadly Class is available to stream on Peacock.