'Take Out': Lana Condor To Star In Randall Park-Penned Action Comedy Series At Hulu

Lana Condor is teaming up with Randall Park to flex her range in a new action-comedy series for Hulu. Their upcoming show, Take Out, is said to be a combination of the world's three greatest things: romance, action, and food.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Condor is set to star as Iris, a restaurant employee struggling to find that perfect work-life balance while also keeping an important secret close to her chest — she's on a mission to bring down an evil crime syndicate hellbent on taking over New York City. You know, typical modern-day young adult problems. It's a genre-bending premise that seeks to deconstruct both modern romance and "one-dimensional tropes from martial arts pop culture."

In addition to being action-packed and swoon-worthy, we can expect quite a few laughs from the series, with a pilot penned by comedian Randall Park. Earlier this year, Park became a meme-worthy fan-favorite character on the Disney+ series WandaVisison, but has also been working in comedy for years. He previously wrote the Netflix romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe with Ali Wong.

Take Out will be written by Park, in collaboration with Michael Golamco. Park and Golamco will executive produce alongside Condor and Hieu Ho.

Lana Condor Supremacy Is Upon Us

In a joint statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Park, Golamco and Ho said:

"We're so thrilled to be working with Lana on a show that combines our shared passion for romantic comedies and hard-hitting action. Love has the tendency to kick our asses. So we thought, why not a show about love and kicking ass?"

They make a solid point! We're always starving for more romantic comedies and there's no reason flirting and ass-kicking can't go together. Lana Condor herself is walking proof!

Condor rose to fame with her portrayal of Laura Jean Covey in the Netflix trilogy To All The Boys I've Loved Before. She made a charming romantic lead in a heartwarming coming of age story, but she's also not limited to a single genre. She's also starred in the short-lived Russo Brothers produced Sy-Fy series, Deadly Class, as a fierce member of the Japanese Kuroki crime syndicate.

Seeing Laura Jean Covey walk high school halls in a series of pastel dresses or bake adorable cupcakes for her boyfriend might not make you think "action star," but Condor's general badassery on Deadly Class proves otherwise. In Take Out, she'll marry her two proven skills and hopefully steal plenty of laughs along the way.

Take Out's release might be a little far into the future, but we'll see plenty of Condor before then. She's set to star in the Greg Berlanti sci-fi romance Moonshot for HBO MAX as well as the Netflix comedy series Boo, Bitch.