Cool Stuff: NECA Releasing Demona And Thailog As Part Of Their 'Gargoyles' Line

After teasing her arrival in the Goliath figure announcement video three weeks ago, NECA finally dropped the details on the next figure in the Gargoyles line. Whether you love her or hate her, the villainous Demona is coming to action figure shelves in fully articulated glory. She will be joined by her sometimes-mate, the Goliath clone Thailog. NECA unveiled the new figures in a virtual Comic-Con@Home panel on Monday.

Two More Gargoyles to Guard Your Shelves

NECA showed off the details of the Demona figure first. Voiced by Star Trek alum Marina Sirtis, Demona was the former mate of Gargoyle leader Goliath (Keith David). She became interested in magic and wanted more power, and eventually became one of the series' main antagonists. For kids who wanted a femme role model that wasn't a goody-two shoes, she was perfection. Her morally ambiguous nature made her a lot of fun to follow, but it also made her one of the more complicated characters on the series.

Thailog is a little less complicated. He's the clone of Goliath (and is also voiced by the magnificent David), but he has the mind of villain David Xanatos (Jonathan Frakes). He's evil Goliath, a complete villain, perfect for action figure battles.

The Demona figure will come with plenty of extras. She comes packed with two interchangeable heads (smirking and snarling), a pair of weapons, and a toy version of the magical book, the Grimorum Arcanorum. Her tail is fully wired and the wings are articulated for full movement. Thailog will come with an additional growling head sculpt, a flare gun, and his trusty briefcase.

Requests for a Revival

Gargoyles has found a whole new generation of fans thanks to the release of Disney+. Fans young and old alike are clamoring for a reboot or relaunch of the series. Should the Mouse decide to bring back our favorite stone-faced superheroes, David is onboard.

"You know, those of us who were involved from the beginning... I've always wondered why they stopped it in the first place," David told a few years back. "[...]I would love nothing more than to revisit Goliath."

Even if Disney doesn't decide to give us more Gargoyles, at least we'll have these gorgeous figurines to look at and play with. I already have a place picked out on my shelf for Demona, right next to Godzilla and Lando Calrissian. The launch date and prices for the figures have yet to be announced.

All three seasons of Gargoyles are streaming on Disney+.