'The Flash' Set Photos Tease Michael Keaton's Batcave, The Burton-Era Batmobile, And More Multiverse Twists

Warner Bros. and DC have been trying to figure out a way to make a live-action movie about the Scarlet Speedster for more than fifteen years, and it seems like they have finally cracked it with The Flash, which not only features Ezra Miller reprising his role from the DCEU movies but also includes actors like Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton playing Batman iterations from different parts of the multiverse. We've known for a while that the multiverse would be a significant factor in this film, but now a batch of The Flash set photos are circulating that contain hard proof, showing off Keaton's character's Batcave, the Tim Burton-era Batmobile, and Miller's character having a conversation with "himself."

At the request of Warner Bros., we have removed links the images, but our commentary on them (and they look very cool) continues below.

One image shows a huge Batcave set constructed inside a massive soundstage, with stairways leading to a circular platform that is seemingly carved into the side of the cave. Could this be the walk-in entrance to this version of the Batcave? Another circular platform rises from the water in the center of the stage, but in this photo, it's empty. At first, I thought this might be where the Batmobile is showcased, but upon closer inspection, if you look all the way in the back of the photo, you can see a platform for the Batmobile with the vehicle covered by a large black tarp. Additional photos reveal a perfect recreation of the Burton-era Batmobile (which will provide a direct shot of nostalgia for fans who grew up with those movies) located on a far sturdier platform, as well as a grey-haired Keaton in a suit.

So what might ultimately rest on that central circular platform? My guess is that it will be Batman's command center, where Keaton's Bruce Wayne does research at a multi-screen station and trades quips with Alfred Pennyworth. Interestingly, if you compare this wide-angle image with some designs and blueprints of the Burton-era Batcave, it's not a perfect recreation. There's always the chance its final look in the film is altered and augmented using CG and matte paintings to more closely resemble the Burton layout, but there's another possibility, too: maybe the version of Keaton's Batman that we meet in this movie won't be the same one we've previously seen. With the multiverse in play, anything is possible.

Speaking of the Batcave, a couple of the set photos reveal Ezra Miller's Barry Allen inside the lair, wearing a white T-shirt, a long-sleeved denim shirt, and a yellow and grey hoodie. In one image, a floppy-haired Miller stands in the cave, going full Spielberg face as he stares in awe at something behind the camera.

In other photos out on the street in the daylight, a short-haired Miller wearing a grey T-shirt and a different yellow and grey jacket interacts with another actor who is wearing the exact same get-up we saw Miller wear in the cave. The implication here is that one version of Barry Allen is talking to a different version, and it seems likely that Miller will be CG'ed into the shot so that he's ultimately interacting with himself.

After a bumpy development period, The Flash is finally set to speed into theaters on November 4, 2022.