'Naked Singularity' Trailer: John Boyega Tries To Fix The Legal System By Breaking It First

In Naked SingularityJohn Boyega is a public defender. But he also levitates and wields a katana? And the movie is about the U.S. legal system and sticking it to big drug dealers? Maybe? That's what I got, at least, by watching Naked Singularity's newly released trailer.

This two-minute+ trailer has a lot going on in it. Drugs! Money! Boyega saying doing bad things is bad! Check it out below.

The Naked Singularity Trailer

What the hell was that?! I'm really not sure! The first part seems like a typical heist thriller: Boyega is a public defender who's getting slowly destroyed by his job. One day, he meets a young woman (Olivia Cooke) who convinces him to take part in this big scheme that will make them rich and screw over the justice system and the Mexican cartel. At least I think so? Fellow cast members Bill Skarsgård and Tim Blake Nelson also make an appearance.

Then there are some wacky scenes. Boyega levitates a little in one sequence, just as the hands on his wristwatch circle round and round. Something weird is going on! To make things even more confusing, there's also a shot of Boyega's character wielding a katana.

The Movie’s Title Doesn’t Help Much Either

So what the hell is Naked Singularity? The title, it seems, has to do with physics. According to Wikipedia, a naked singularity is "a hypothetical gravitational singularity without an event horizon." Basically it'd be a black hole that we could observe, since the event horizon would be there trapping everything inside it.

Also according to Wikipedia, the possible existence of one "would mean that it would be possible to observe the collapse of an object to infinite density. It would also cause foundational problems for general relativity, because general relativity cannot make predictions about the evolution of space-time near a singularity."

So what the hell does that have to do with this movie? I honestly don't know if it means anything at all. Those whacked-out clips in the trailer, however, make me think that the film — and I'm guessing the book it's based on — is using this theoretical phenomenon as a metaphor. Or maybe the entire universe is literally collapsing in on itself and we're all going to die. Either way, it's a good thing Boyega's character has a katana to take it all on.

Naked Singularity will be in theaters on August 6 and On Demand August 13.