Water Is Wet, Earth Is Round, Bill Murray Cast In Next Wes Anderson Movie

Wes Anderson is at the Cannes Film Festival right now promoting his latest movie, The French Dispatch. That's not stopping him, however, from moving forward with his next movie.

We didn't know too much about the yet-to-be-titled film except that it would star Tilda Swinton and start shooting in Spain later this year. Today, however, we also found out that Bill Murray will once again join a Wes Anderson production.

Variety is reporting that Murray will be joining the cast along with Swinton, and that production will now start in August rather than September. The two actors are also starring in Anderson's The French Dispatch and are also both in Cannes to promote that film.

Murray and Anderson Go Back. Way Back.

Murray being in a Wes Anderson movie is the opposite of surprising. The two have a been working together for over 20 years. It all started with 1998's Rushmore, where Murray played Herman Blume, a married rich guy who competes with student Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) for the affection of school teacher Rosemary Cross (Olivia Williams).

Rushmore — Anderson's second movie — skyrocketed the director's career and gave Murray's long career a second wind. In the film, Murray also has a scene where his comedic timing is perfection. I'm talking, of course, about when he grabs his son, Donnie, in the back seat for calling him an ass.

In addition to Rushmore, Murray has also acted in eight other Anderson productions, not counting this upcoming one. Those are The French Dispatch (2021), Isle of Dogs (2018), The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), Moonrise Kingdom (2012), Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), The Darjeeling Limited (2007), The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004), and The Royal Tenenbaums (2001).

What We Know About the Upcoming Anderson Film

For the 10th, not-yet-titled movie, Swinton has earlier hinted that "it's not about Spain" even though it's being shot there. Anderson has also said that he's "not ready to share any details" about the production. Variety has also reported, however, that the production is building sets that look like a desert landscape in Chinchón, a small town near Madrid. Dusty desert landscape aside, Variety is also saying that the film isn't "believed necessarily to be a Western."

With production starting in August, it looks like Swinton and Murray will be spending more time in Europe and living under Anderson's aesthetic. No news yet on when the film will make its way to a theater near you.