Paris Hilton Is Getting A Netflix Cooking Show And We'd Be Lying If We Said We Weren't Intrigued

Paris Hilton and Netflix are teaming up in the kitchen, with a promise to serve us something extra delicious.

The hotel heiress and star of The Simple Life will be learning her way around the kitchen while on camera. Her new show, Cooking With Paris is all about Hilton showing off her culinary expertise (or lack thereof), with a little from her celebrity friends. Hilton may not be an expert chef — the show involves her learning basics like sauteing, searing and zesting — but that's exactly where the fun comes in. Hilton is a trained entertainer and will spice things up with humor and personality.

Cooking with Paris is also an opportunity to show off other elements of Hilton's life, as reality TV always does with celebrity stars. She's likely to have a fun flow of celebrity guests, with plenty of time spent in her glamourous kitchen and on her cooking wardrobe.

Still, you're probably thinking that a cooking show is a weird pick for Paris Hilton — especially if you were an avid watcher of her debut reality show, The Simple Life. You might remember the season 4 episode where she traded lives with a busy mom and attempted to make dinner for two children. The episode includes a fascinating scene where she uses two irons to fry bacon and...well, I can see why her past kitchen experience doesn't inspire confidence. But, hopefully, Hilton has come a long way since then. The Netflix series actually takes its name from a 2020 YouTube video of the same name, which Hilton uploaded back in January of last year. In the YouTube version of Cooking With Paris she talks about sitting on the counter while her more would could amazing pasta dishes then, fittingly, makes lasagna. To date, the videos has over 5 million views — which probably serves as inspiration or the series.

In addition to the Netflix series, Hilton has an upcoming wedding reality show to stream on Peacock. The show is tentatively titled Paris in Love, and she is set to executive produce.

Home Chef Takeover

Most cooking shows feature cookbook authors and trained, Michelin star chefs, all with the kind of expertise that takes years to acquire. But lately, a new kind of cooking show has taken over the internet. YouTube shows like Binging With Babish are on the rise, featuring home cooks with little to no professional experience.

Similarly, Hilton is the latest in a number of celebrities to launch their own cooking shows. Amy Schumer headed to Food Network and Discovery+ with Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, and Selena Gomez debuted on HBO Mac with Selena + Chef. Both shows began while its stars were quarantined in their homes and now have 2 seasons streaming. Given Hilton's Youtube video launched in January of last year, it may also be a result of the stay-at-home order.

Cooking was an extremely popular pandemic coping mechanism. We all remember the great yeast shortage of 2020, as sourdough dough starters and hoarding flour became all the rage. Even as things slowly begin settling back in pace, bread baking and finding solace in our kitchen may be part of the new normal. It certainly seems that way for these new celebrity chefs.

Cooking With Paris is set to hit Netflix on August 4, with six half-hour episodes.