Exclusive: Get A Look At The 'Luca' 4K Ultra HD & Blu-Ray Steelbook, Available Only At Best Buy

Pixar's new movie Luca is coming to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD next month, and Best Buy will have their own exclusive Steelbook edition of the home video release featuring new friends Luca (Jacob Tremblay), Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer), and Giulia (Emma Berman) in the vibrant seaside town of Portorosso. We've got an exclusive look at the collectible Luca Steelbook that you can check out below before it goes up for pre-order.

Luca Steelbook

Luca Steelbook

The front of the Luca Steelbook (which will be released on August 3) features the image of our titular character from the teaser poster, floating in the water with his human side above the surface and the rest of his fish body hiding below. But the back finds Luca and Alberto strolling through Portorosso as Giulia passes by with a basket of fish.

Luca Steelbook

Meanwhile, the inside has Luca and Alberto admiring all the work they put into their makeshift Vespa scooter that will inevitably get launched into the ocean. They're so proud of their creation! As for the discs, one features all three of our friends on a real Vespa scooter while the other has Luca and Alberto embracing each other as friends while Machiavelli looks on suspiciously.

We're a little surprised the full "sea monster" versions of Luca and Alberto aren't used more prominently somewhere in the artwork, but our characters spend most of the movie in human form, so I suppose that makes sense. It would be nice if they got a little bit of the spotlight though.

Get a look at the full list of special features that will be included on the home video release of Luca below.

Pixar's Luca Special Features

  • Our Italian Inspiration – Experience the joy of discovery as Pixar artists travel to Cinque Terre, Italy, to absorb the beauty and culture of the coastal region which inspired the characters and the quintessential Italian backdrop of "Luca."
  • Secretly A Sea Monster – Explore the artistry and technical innovation of Luca's transformation from sea monster to human, and how the theme of transformation is central to the emotional journey of the main characters.
  • Best Friends – Best friends can challenge us, inspire us, annoy us, and encourage us. The cast and crew of "Luca" share their own stories about how besties influenced their lives, and how those experiences informed the creation of screen pals Luca, Alberto and Giulia.
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Introduction – Director Enrico Casarosa introduces scenes not included in the final version of "Luca."
  • Starfish Hunt (Alternate Opening) – Luca explores the shore and the sea, gathering mussels and starfish, in this serene alternate opening to the film.
  • Isola Del Mare (Alternate Opening) – Luca welcomes viewers to the quiet island he calls home.
  • Festa Del Mare – The boys go to a festival filled with fun ... and danger.
  • Here Comes Giulia – Giulia explores Isola Del Mare, where she meets Luca and Alberto, and asks so many questions.
  • Gelato Trouble – Giulia offers to treat Luca and Alberto to something called "gelato."
  • Sea Monster Cannery – Luca dreams about a magical place filled with Vespas and gelato, but things aren't quite what they seem.