'Bo Burnham: Inside' Will Ask You To Go Outside For A Special Theatrical Release

Critics and fans alike have had nothing but praise for Bo Burnham's recent Netflix special, Bo Burnham: Inside. The comedian created the almost-90-minute experience during the pandemic and his performance, while funny, also captured the trauma that so many of us have and continue to experience.

The musical special, which debuted on Netflix on May 30, is heading to the big screen. In other words, the special that revolves around the experience of being stuck inside for months on end will encourage folks to go outside ... to a movie theater.

Multi-Day Theatrical Release from July 22-24

The show's popularity is no doubt what inspired the special's theatrical release, currently from July 22-24. When Burnham released the soundtrack on June 9, it quickly reached No.1 on Billboard's Comedy Albums Chart. As of June 26, it was also No. 7 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums. The soundtrack includes many fun and insightful songs, including a two-parter about Jeff Bezos — "Bezos I" and "Bezos II" — and "FaceTime with My Mom (Tonight)."

The special also includes bangers like "All Eyes on Me," a song simultaneously intimate, vulnerable, and universal in scope. It can absolutely bang around your head for a day or four, depending on your mood and/or proclivity to earworms. Other songs like "White Woman's Instagram" provide a humorous critique of our internet culture while also recognizing the authentic vulnerability that can leak through from time to time.

Burnham and Netflix partnered with Iconic Events to bring the special to the big screen. "Iconic Events Releasing is excited to bring Bo Burnham's hilarious and groundbreaking musical comedy special to movie theaters so that Bo's fans can experience all the laughs and incredible music together," said Iconic CEO Steve Bunnell.

Laugh and Share Your Trauma With Others!

The opportunity to see the special on the big screen with other people was apparently very popular. So much so that the event quickly grew from one day to three. Will the special be so popular that it brings more people out of the dark confines of their homes to mingle and share air with others? It's certainly possible, now that increased vaccination rates have incentivized leaving the home come with a lower chance of death. So go to the theater if you're comfortable, and laugh and share your trauma with others.

You can buy tickets for a theatrical screening of Bo Burnham: Inside here.

Bo Burnham: Inside is currently streaming on Netflix.