Misha Green Sets Up Shop At Apple TV+ After 'Lovecraft Country' Cancellation

Well, that was fast. We found out less than a week ago that HBO was nixing Misha Green's second season of Lovecraft Country and now she's already been scooped up by a competing streaming service. Apple TV+ is giving Green a multi-year deal to develop new content for their streaming service.

Deadline broke the news on the Misha Green Apple TV+ deal that was recently inked after several other streaming services courted the Lovecraft Country series creator following the show's cancellation.

As you can imagine, there are no details yet on exactly what kind of projects she's going to bring to AppleTV+ because... well, I don't think even they know what she's going to do. It's early days and most of these overall deals are meant to put "dibs" on creatives and give them a home to bring any and all new ideas to the table.

Green does have a few pre-existing obligations that'll certainly go forward outside of AppleTV+, including the Tomb Raider sequel, which she's set to write and direct. She's also supposed to relaunch the crazy '70s blaxploitation series Cleopatra Jones, about supermodel who is actually a James Bond style spy who travels the world offing bad guys and rocking a kick-ass afro.

Now, we do know that Green developed a whole second season of Lovecraft Country before HBO kicked the whole thing to the curb. However, that doesn't mean Apple can just make Lovecraft Country season two. HBO would still have the rights to that IP, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if all that work (reportedly 70+ pages worth of characters and ideas) showed up in some other form, reworked into a new story for something at Apple.

That's just speculation on my part, but it's a tough thing to put so much of your heart, soul and creativity into a project and have it all just disappear forever. If there's any way to salvage even a fraction of that work (provided HBO doesn't straight up own the stuff developed for that second season) then I'm sure Green will do it.

So even though we can all be bummed out about no more Lovecraft Country, but at least we know Green won't be hurting for work anytime soon. We'll certainly be keeping our ear to the ground for whatever she's got cooking at Apple TV+.