'Mr. Corman' Trailer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has An Early-Life Crisis In Apple TV+ Series

Do you think of yourself as an unlucky person? This is the question that plagues Josh Corman (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in the new Apple TV+ series, Mr. Corman.

In our first look at Josh's life, he stares out at a room of fifth-graders and asks them about their own luck. A single student raises his hand, while the rest identify themselves as unlucky. And if their teacher finds this even remotely comforting, he hides it very well. Because whether everyone else feels lucky or not, the real questions haunting Corman are about himself: What would his life look like, with a little more luck?

For a peek at the answer, check out the first trailer for Mr. Corman below.

Mr. Corman Trailer

In our first look at this new Apple TV+ show, Joseph Gordon Levitt makes his return to TV as the titular character, down-on-his-luck fifth-grade teacher, Mr. Corman. He's no different from the teachers of our youth, buttoned-up, chalk in hand, asking questions big and small to a room of tiny... except for the fact that he's just like everyone else: a regular person, with all the anxiety, regret, and loneliness that comes with reality.

Things haven't gone perfectly for Josh Corman: his music career didn't pan out and his fiancée (Juno Temple) recently left him, only to be replaced in his apartment by his high school friend, Victor (Arturo Castro). We see him traverse a range of dark emotions in the trailer, voicing his suspicion that he "sucks as a person," screaming into his couch, and wondering whether or not he's having a panic attack. Corman's story is a classic case of looking around at your life and realizing that you aren't where you wanted to be. And while everything falls apart around him, Corman still has a job to do: walk into San Fernando Valley public school and teach a bunch of 11-year-olds.

The trailer also hints towards bouts of surrealism in the show, with a fiery meteor looming in the sky just about Corman's head and punch that sends him crashing through a galaxy of pain. Following a man just trying to figure his life out, Mr. Corman will undoubtedly go to some dark places but promises a funny, relatable tone to match its grim humor.

Gordon Levitt also serves as the writer and director of the show, marking his first time helming a TV project. Previously, he wrote and directed two short films, in addition to the raunchy 2013 comedy Don Jon. Gordon-Levitt executive produces, alongside Bruce Eric Kaplan (Six Feet Under, Girls), Inman Young (Ramy), and Ravi Nandan (Euphoria). The new dramedy series also features cast members Jamie Chung, Bobby Hall (aka Logic), Debra Winger, Alexander Jo, Shannon Woodward, and Hector Hernandez.

The first two episodes of Mr. Corman hit Apple TV+ on August 6, with new episodes following weekly every Friday.