Top Gun: Maverick: Release Date, Cast And More

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This winter, stunt man and sometimes actor Tom Cruise is back in the cockpit in Top Gun: Maverick. The sequel to 1986's Top Gun will have old Tommy Cruise trying to bring back that loving feeling as he trains a new generation of fighter pilots. Ahead of the film's release, I've rounded up all you need to know about Top Gun: Maverick below. So feel free to keep reading while also feeling the need for speed.

Top Gun: Maverick Release Date and Where You Can Watch It

You'll be able to get back in the danger zone when Top Gun: Maverick flies into theaters on November 19, 2021. The Tom Cruise sequel has gone through several release date changes. Once upon a time, it was initially scheduled to open on July 12, 2019. But of course, things changed. As for where you can see it, the answer is: on the big screen. At least, at first. It will then be streamed on Paramount+ 45 days after its theatrical release.

Update: Paramount has delayed this film to May 27, 2022.

What Is Top Gun: Maverick?

As you can probably guess based on the title, Top Gun: Maverick is a sequel to the 1986 Tony Scott movie Top Gun. Once again, Tom Cruise returns as hot shot fighter pilot Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell. Now much older, Maverick is a flight instructor working with a new generation of pilots. But really, this movie exists so Tom Cruise can do his own stunts, risk his life, and fly planes upside down.

Top Gun: Maverick Synopsis

Here's the Top Gun: Maverick synopsis:

After more than thirty years of service as one of the Navy's top aviators, Pete "Maverick" Mitchell (Tom Cruise) is where he belongs, pushing the envelope as a courageous test pilot and dodging the advancement in rank that would ground him. When he finds himself training a detachment of Top Gun graduates for a specialized mission the likes of which no living pilot has ever seen, Maverick encounters Lt. Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller), call sign: "Rooster," the son of Maverick's late friend and Radar Intercept Officer Lt. Nick Bradshaw, aka "Goose".

Facing an uncertain future and confronting the ghosts of his past, Maverick is drawn into a confrontation with his own deepest fears, culminating in a mission that demands the ultimate sacrifice from those who will be chosen to fly it.

Top Gun: Maverick Director, Crew, and More

Top Gun: Maverick is helmed by Tron: Legacy filmmaker Joseph Kosinski. Kosinski previously directed Cruise in Oblivion. The Top Gun: Maverick script comes from Ehren Kruger and Eric Warren Singer and Cruise's go-to guy, Christopher McQuarrie. Tommy Harper, Chad Oman, Mike Stenson, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger are executive producers. Jerry Bruckheimer, Tom Cruise, Christopher McQuarrie, David Ellison produce. Harold Faltermeyer and Hans Zimmer handle the film's score. Claudio Miranda is the cinematographer.

Top Gun: Maverick Cast

As you know by now, Tom Cruise is back as Maverick himself. Miles Teller also stars, playing Lt. Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw, son of Maverick's dead friend Nick "Goose" Bradshaw. The rest of the cast features Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Charles Parnell, Bashir Salahuddin, Monica Barbaro, Jay Ellis, Danny Ramirez, Greg Tarzan Davis, and Ed Harris. Val Kilmer is back as well in a cameo as his character Tom "Iceman" Kazansky.

Top Gun: Maverick Trailer