Cool Stuff: Sideshow's New 'The Big Lebowski' Figure Will Really Tie The Room Together

Say you've got the perfect bowling bag, a good stock of White Russians, and a sweet rug, but the room just still doesn't have the right vibe? Sideshow has you covered with an all-new collectible figure inspired by the cult classic flick The Big LebowskiThat's right, they made a little Lebowski.

The Dude Sixth Scale Figure is a highly detailed collectable figure featuring the likeness of actor Jeff Bridges as Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski. (That's El Duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing.)

The downsized Dude comes complete with his own carefully tailored fabric outfit made to look just like the one in the movie. He's got his white V-neck, drawstring pants, signature sweater, sunglasses, and clear jelly sandals. If you're feeling extra creative, you could probably dirty up a Barbie bathrobe and Ken's boxer shorts to give him some different, somewhat screen-accurate costume choices.

An Action Figure Achiever

While most "action" figures can't do all that much, there's plenty of ways to get creative with your little Lebowski. First, you can put on some Creedence (no Eagles!), and maybe run yourself a bath with some nice scented candles without worrying about any impending nihilist "marmot" attacks.

You can pretend to puff puff pass, because The Dude comes complete with a poseable smoking hand. There are ten inter-changeable hands in all, including a pair of grip hands, a pair of cup-holding hands, and two unique pairs of gesture hands. The Dude talks with his hands, after all, man. He also comes with four unique White Russian drink accessories, so you can raise a toast together to the Coen brothers' classic.

When it's time to call it a day and put your little Lebowski on display, you can put him on the included figurine stand, complete with the pattern of his favorite rug. I'm sure they didn't include the urine stains, but you can do that yourself if you're really so inclined. Either way, it doesn't matter what room of the house you put this shrunken stoner in, because it will definitely tie the room together.

If you, like me, want a fun-sized Jeff Bridges that will fit in your purse, you can sign up for the Sideshow RSVP to notify you when pre-orders go on sale. In the meantime, work on your bowling game and your White Russian mixing skills, so you can abide just as well as The Dudester.