Demonic: Release Date, Cast And More

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This summer, Neill Blomkamp, the father of Chappie, is back with Demonic, a mysterious new horror movie. After his big budget efforts, Demonic has Blomkamp working with a smaller budget, and the results look...intriguing, but vague. The fact of the matter is we still don't know a whole lot about Demonic. But I've done my best to round up all the info you need before you see the flick this summer.

Demonic Release Date and Where You Can Watch It

Demonic is headed to both theaters and On Demand and digital on August 20, 2021. That gives you plenty of options. You can head out to a theater and witness Neill Blomkamp's latest on the biggest screen possible. Or, you can watch it from the safety of your own home, and not have to worry about your fellow audience members giving you weird looks when you scream in terror at the jump scares.

What is Demonic?

Demonic is a new film by Neill Blomkamp. Blomkamp burst onto the scene with District 9, a sci-fi movie that happened almost by accident. Blomkamp was originally supposed to direct a movie based on the Halo video game series. But when that project fell apart, he took some of the material he had gathered for Halo and worked it into District 9, a feature-length expansion of his short movie Alive in JoburgDistrict 9 became a surprise hit and garnered several Oscar nominations, turning Blomkamp into a major player. He followed District 9 up with 2013's Elysium, and while that sci-fi action flick didn't garner positive reviews like District 9, it still made money. After that, Blomkamp released Chappie in 2015. This time, the filmmaker's work failed to earn good reviews or good box office, and it kind of put Blomkamp in director's jail for a few years (although he continued to make short movies). Demonic will be his first feature film since Chappie.

Demonic Synopsis

This one is going to be a tad tough, gang. Demonic has a synopsis, but it's pretty darn vague. Take a look:

From the director of DISTRICT 9 and ELYSIUM, a young woman unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces at the root of a decades old rift between mother and daughter are revealed.

Okay! The trailer (which you can see below) hints at some sort of virtual reality subplot, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what it means. Is this entire movie set in a video game like the bonkers Serenity, AKA the movie where the big twist is that Matthew McConaughey's character lives inside a fishing video game? I sure hope so. More movies need twists like that.

"Neill Blomkamp exploded onto the filmmaking scene with District 9 and has made his mark by creating films that challenge and subvert the genre. It's exciting to work together on this highly anticipated new vision, and be immersed in yet another world terrifyingly similar to our own," said Arianna Bocco, President of IFC Films.

Demonic Director, Crew, and More

Demonic is written and directed by Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9Elysium, and Chappie. Neill Blomkamp, Mike Blomkamp of STABILITi Studios, Stuart Ford, and Linda McDonough of AGC Studios are on board as producers. Serving as executive producers are AGC's Miguel Palos Jr., Alastair Burlingham, Charlie Dombek, Viktor Muller, and Steven St. Arnaud. Byron Kopman is the film's cinematographer. Austyn Daines handles the music. AGC Studios is the production company, with IFC Midnight distributing.

Demonic Cast

Demonic stars Carly Pope (PopularElysium) Chris William Martin (SupergirlThe Vampire Diaries), Michael Rogers (Siren), Nathalie Boltt (District 9), and Terry Chen (Elysium). The film appears to have a small-ish cast, suggesting something intimate, which will be a change of pace from Blomkamp's big budget previous work. But who knows, maybe if we're lucky, Chappie will have a cameo (probably not, though).

Demonic Trailer