'Jolt' Trailer: Kate Beckinsale Gets Her Own 'Crank' With An Action Film Powered By Female Rage

Classic punk fashion aesthetic? Check. Bisexual lighting? Check. A hot blond kicking ass in boots? Check.

It's not an Atomic Blonde sequel, but Jolt might be the next best thing. Starring Kate Beckinsale as Lindy, a woman with a deadly serious temper, the Amazon Prime movie looks like a stylish ode to female rage. Lindy has this problem where she just sort of snaps, taking out anyone and everything around her. Her therapist, played by Stanley Tucci, eventually rigs her up with an electrical shocking rig that's supposed to curb her worst impulses. (Here's a guess: it doesn't work too well.) You can get a taste of that in the trailer below.

Hell Hath No Fury

As part of Lindy's therapy, she goes out on a date. That date seems to be going well, until her date is murdered. Understandably furious, Lindy goes on a roaring rampage of revenge and puts her rage to work. Lindy's clearly had it with men in general in the trailer, because she beats up a lot of them. She even ends the trailer by using a car to electrocute a man in the groin. Ouch.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Beckinsale explained the catharsis of playing such a violent character.

"Lindy is a very flawed character, but also you root for her, because there is a wish-fulfillment side to the fact that she's got no inhibitions about her anger," she said. "There's a small scene where some guy is like, 'Cheer up, love,' and she just pushes his face into a wall. We've all had that urge! Lindy's just a great character. I love the mix of comedy and action and female rage. It seemed very timely."

In the trailer, Susan Sarandon's character says something similar to Beckinsale's Lindy. "You spent years being forced to repress your anger, but now, you have seen how powerful you can be when you embrace your rage."

It's refreshing to see a female-driven revenge story that isn't predicated on sexual assault, and Lindy's rage feels more than justified. Jolt looks like it will have more in common with Crank or John Wick than something like Promising Young Woman. For once, a man has been chucked in the refrigerator.

A Killer Cast

If you need more than Beckinsale kicking tush in patent-leather boots, Jolt also boasts an impressive cast. In addition to Beckinsale, Sarandon, and Tucci, Jolt also stars Bobby CannavaleLaverne CoxJai CourtneyLili Rich, and David Bradley. It was written by Scott Wascha and directed by Tanya Wexler.

Jolt debuts July 23, 2021 on Amazon Prime.