'Riddick 4' Could Actually Happen, Promises Vin Diesel Promoter Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel loves to talk about Vin Diesel projects, and who can blame him? You'd do the same if you were Vin Diesel. One of Diesel's favorite topics involves sequels to his various films. Hell, last year he even teased a potential sequel to The Last Witch Hunter, which I'm pretty sure no one but Diesel has any interest in. Now old Vin is at it again, saying that we might get another Riddick movie.

The Riddick saga seems like something that was willed into existence by Vin Diesel. Pitch Black, the first film in the series, is one of the titles that helped turn Diesel into a star – but it didn't exactly cry out for a sequel. It got one, anyway. That sequel was 2004's The Chronicles of Riddick, and it was a big, weird, Dune–like movie that was surprisingly ambitious, if not altogether successful. Even though Chronicles remains the highest-grossing entry in the series, it's also considered a box office flop, and it killed any momentum on the series for a while.

That eventually changed with 2013's Riddick. Diesel once again returned to the role of antihero Richard B. Riddick, who is primarily known for being able to see in the dark and also for being the biggest badass in the entire universe. Riddick also underperformed at the box office, and seemingly killed any future for the saga. But Vin Diesel never says never, and he's now talking about a new Riddick movie again.

riddick 4 script

The Script is Ready 

Speaking with Games Radar, Diesel said: "[Director] David Twohy, he wrote a great script [for a new Riddick movie]. It's just a matter of timing when we get that opportunity to shoot that. But I believe we're shooting that in Australia. And it would be the fourth chapter in that series, which would be awesome." To hear Diesel tell it, this is already a done deal, complete with plans to shoot in Australia. But it's worth noting that sometimes, Vin Diesel just says stuff. Whether or not that stuff eventually happens in another story.

But Diesel continued: "We did have great success with [the video game] Escape From Butcher Bay. It feels like an eternity ago now. But, I imagine that we would take advantage of the gaming space and add an extra chapter, but definitely, the [movie's] script is already written. So it's safe to say that we are moving towards filming the fourth chapter of Riddick."

Whatever you say, Vin. Whatever you say.