'Aquaman 2' Has Begun Filming Under A Mysterious Working Title

Aquaman 2, AKA Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, is diving into production. Director James Wan took to social media to reveal the sequel to the 2018 hit is now before the cameras – and it has a mysterious, but telling, working title. Jason Momoa is back as the half-Atlantean, half-human, all-bro superhero, with Amber Heard, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Patrick Wilson returning as well.

James Wan jumped onto Instagram to reveal that Aquaman 2 has begun production. And based on the image above, it looks like Aquaman is headed somewhere cold for his sequel. We still don't know a whole lot about the sequel, but we know the film is titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. There are seven Kingdoms of Atlantis – Atlantis, Xebel, the Kingdom of the Fishermen, the Kingdom of the Brine, the Kingdom of the Trench, the Kingdom of the Deserters, and a mysterious, previously-unnamed seventh kingdom. But the production slate above looks like it's giving us a big clue about that seventh – and presumably lost – kingdom.

aquaman spin-off

What's Necrus?

Necrus is the working title for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and that word is likely familiar to those well-versed in Aquaman lore. Necrus is yet another underwater city, but with a twist – it only exists for brief amounts of time, and is never located in the same location twice. I'll let the Aquaman Wiki take it from here:

Necrus, like Atlantis, is another domed underwater city. Unlike Atlantis, Necrus has a more unstable status in the ocean. Necrus only exists on the material plane for brief periods of time. It also has no fixed location, always appearing at different points when it, once again, manifests in the sea. Unbeknownst to the citizens of Necrus, or Atlantis, for that matter, Necrus owes it's existence to an alien satellite that, periodically, enters Earth's orbit, as it moves through the galaxy. Earth's magnetic field triggers a device, built into the satellite, that opens up a hole in dimensional space. From this hole emerges Necrus. The location of Necrus is entirely dependent on the position of the satellite in Earth's orbit, at the time the dimensional rift is formed. As the satellite breaks free of Earth's orbit, the dimensional rift loses cohesion, causing Necrus to fade away.

Necrus is "ruled over by the tyrant king, Mongo. Its society seems to be wholly militaristic. The last time Necrus appeared on Earth, it's citizens slaughtered a surface outpost, that was under construction, in the environs just outside Necrus. Necrus then went to war with Atlantis, for its continued acceptance of surface dwellers residing in the ocean."

It's worth noting that all of that info is from the comics, so it might end up changed in the film. I loved the first Aquaman – I genuinely think it's the best movie in the DCEU – and I can't wait to see where James Wan goes with this sequel. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom swims into theaters on December 16, 2022.