'The Flash' Set Photos Reveal Supergirl And Michael Keaton's Return As Bruce Wayne

The Flash is currently filming, and whenever a big blockbuster starts shooting on location – out in the real world, not on a studio set – it's bound to generate set photos. These are the spy-like images that are often not very clear, or not in focus, and sometimes they're even kind of confusing. But they also often serve as our first real look at what we can expect to see up on the big screen. And new The Flash set photos have done just that, giving us our first looks at Sasha Calle as Supergirl, and – most exciting of all – Michael Keaton back in the role of Bruce Wayne.

Supergirl Takes Flight

Last week, The Flash director Andy Muschietti revealed a close-up shot of the Supergirl suit that's worn in the film by Sasha Calle. Now we have an even better look at the suit as a whole thanks to set photos (which you can see here and here). They show Calle suspended by wires, likely filming some flying scenes. The first thing you might notice is she's not wearing a cape, but these days, capes are often added in post, via CGI.

Another detail worth highlighting: pants! In the comics, and on the CW show that bears her name, Supergirl is often seen rocking a skirt. But that's not the case here, and while that's absolutely fine, I'm 100% positive some weirdo out there is furious that Supergirl is wearing pants. Just absolutely livid, probably writing angry post after angry post on the Superhero Hype message boards. You know I'm right.

All in all, I dig the overall look of the costume – it looks similar to Henry Cavill's Superman suit, at least in terms of texture, but it's different enough to stand on its own, too.

Batman Returns...Again

As neat as the Supergirl costume might be, the really exciting set pic that surfaced over the weekend involves Michael Keaton back in Bruce Wayne mode (you can see that here). To be clear: when I say this is exciting, I guess I should clarify that the image itself isn't that thrilling. It's just a pic of Michael Keaton on set, and we can't even see his entire body as other folks are standing in front of him.

But if you grew up in the late '80s and early '90s like old folks like me, there's something undeniably joyous about having Keaton back as Batman/Bruce Wayne. The hairstyle (or, probably more likely, wig) that Keaton is sporting here looks like a more modern and stylish version of the haircut Keaton had as Bruce Wayne in Batman and Batman Returns. But even if you don't care about what kind of haircut the actor is sporting, it's just fun to know Keaton will be returning to one of his most famous roles. Keaton remains a great actor, and to have him return as an older Bruce Wayne/Batman is going to be invigorating.

If you're wondering how Keaton's Batman is suddenly back and interacting with Ezra Miller's The Flash, just know that The Flash is going to involve both time travel and alternate dimensions, meaning things are no longer what they seem in the DCEU.

The Flash races into theaters on November 4, 2022.