'Red Sonja' Movie May Be Casting Another Marvel Actor

Millennium's Red Sonja cast may have just added another actor who has previously played in the Marvel Studios sandbox.

Hannah John-Kamen, who played the mysterious villain Ghost in 2019's Ant-Man and the Wasp, is starring in the sword-and-sandal fantasy epic that's been mired in development hell for years, and now it appears that Thor and Thor: The Dark World actress Jaimie Alexander may be joining her in a whole different type of comic book movie.

Has Jaimie Alexander Joined the Red Sonja Cast?

ComicBook.com noticed that this morning, Alexander shared an image in her Instagram stories of the script for the new Red Sonja film, which is co-written by Tasha Huo, who is serving as the showrunner and a writer of Netflix's upcoming Tomb Raider anime series, and Joey Soloway, the creator/showrunner of the Amazon original series Transparent.

Alexander has not been formally added to the cast by the studio or even written about in connection with this movie in outlets like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, but it would be supremely weird for the actress to post this picture if she was not attached to play a role in the movie. So we're going to treat this for what it almost certainly is: a reveal that she has joined the cast of the new movie. Unfortunately, there is no indication of who she might be playing, but considering her work as the sword-wielding Lady Sif in the Thor movies, the actress should fit right into this highly stylized fantasy world.

Who is Red Sonja?

Red Sonja was created by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith in the 1970s for Marvel's Conan the Barbarian comics. In her original incarnation, the leader of a gang of mercenaries raped her, in part because she was not strong enough to lift her brother's sword. According to Wikipedia, a powerful red goddess heard Sonja's pleas for revenge and imbued her with "incredible fighting skills." She has often been depicted wearing a chain-mail bikini, which seems wildly impractical, but probably helped sell a hell of a lot of comics to boys entering puberty.

"I have loved Red Sonja forever and I feel so honored to help shepherd her story and start this cinematic journey," Soloway said earlier this year. "There could not be a greater moment in our world for Red Sonja's ways of wielding power and her connection with nature and our planet. She is an ancient heroine with an epic calling, and translating that to the screen is a dream come true for me as a filmmaker. I can't wait to collaborate with Tasha on this vision."